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Does anyone have CMS suggestions for a PHP/SQL novice?
post Jul 21 2010, 11:38 PM
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Hi, I'm new to Content Management Systems, PHP, and SQL and I've been looking for a CMS that will suit my needs. I have 1 year of web hosting service, 250GB disc space and a C-Panel. This is the first time I've worked with a C-Panel and right now I'm completely lost.

I tried using wordpress but the themes and the system seemed a little bit too generic to me. Right now I'm using drupal but I think that the learning curve that i'd need to pass over is a little bit to... curved. ;D I'd love to find an easy to manage content management system.

I'd be using it primarily to showcase my portfolio and secondarily I'd be using it as a blog.

Thanks for your time,

post Jul 28 2010, 09:09 AM
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Well if your looking for something -really- simple and as far as a CMS goes,i'd just get fanupdate or cutenews.
Both scripts can be used to function as a main page blog and your able to render them as a website manager by creating categories as you would pages.
But if these are just too simple,and you want a actual bonafied CMS,i HIGHLY recommend Nucleas CMS.This CMS was by far the easiest to use and navigate around and the template system is also quite easy.
So heres the link to Nucleas CMS's site if you wanna give it a try :]
post Aug 9 2010, 06:06 AM
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Have you tried something like Joomla? I started a social network site and started using WP with BuddyPress but "couldn't get there from here", at least with my ability.

During experimenting, I tried Joomla because my web host has it as an option to install (sets everything up for you). Still wasn't exactly what I was needing, but looked like a fairly simple but pretty slick CMS.

I ended up using ELGG as my platform for my site. You can see what I have done with it so far at http://www.viewcaster.net/view/


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