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cB is Hiring!, apply here! =)
post Jul 18 2007, 11:28 AM
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So you think you have what it takes to become a staff member here? Great, because we're looking for more volunteers to help out run createblog! Remember, being on staff is a job that takes responsibility and dedication, and not just a title to show off. If you became a member only recently, stick around longer and prove yourself to the community.

  • Passion. People who have a passion for helping others. Helping out the community is what you'll mostly be doing as a staff member, so you better enjoy it!
  • Dedication. Dedicated and active people are the ones that make the most impact to the team. Be one!
  • Creativity. We always welcome creative people to join our team with fresh ideas on how to manage and improve createBlog as it is still a growing community.
  • People who lead by examples, not by promises. We want people with a proven track record, not just promises. Anyone can make promises to do this, to do that, but few actually do.
  • Bad attitude. We do not want staff members who think they are above others. You must respect your fellow staff members and members in order to earn respect back. Remember: attitude is a little thing that goes a long way.
  • Immaturity. We want to build a talented and mature staff team. The last thing we want is someone on a power trip.
  • People who dislike helping others. As a staff member, your number one priority will be to help out others, so if you don't enjoy it, you won't enjoy the job either.
  • People who want the position for the title. We periodically review our staff performance, and in the past, those who applied for the sake of having a nifty title never did that well...
  • Design Staff: As a Design Staff, your main responsibility is to assist in and overlook all of the Resource Center sub forums. The ability to create Blogger, MySpace or Xanga layouts and be familiar with HTML and CSS is highly preferred. Knowledge of PHP, Wordpress and Moveable Type is a plus. You must also make the commitment to go through the queue on a regular basis, reviewing submissions and providing some feedback when rejecting submissions. You should also be a regular presence in the Designers' Café, providing feedback, critiques and assisting in overall graphic related inquiries.
  • People Staff: As a people staff, it is your job to maintain a healthy community by moderating posts and topics, welcoming new members, making interesting topics, and being nice and helpful in general.
  • Atleast 5 posts per day for design related staff and 7 posts per day for People Staff.
  • Official Member or Official Designer status.
  • Have been present and active for the past 2 months (at least).
Note that someone who does not have all the above requirements may still be hired if found to be extremely qualified. If you feel you are exceptionally qualified to be considered for a staff position, do apply!

In ONE paragraph, tell us how YOU can make an impact and improve CB. Post below only; any PMs will be ignored. Applications end July 31st, 2007 11:59PM EST. Have fun, and good luck!

For interviewing purposes, please your contact information such as email and IM. If you can't provide these, we can also conduct it via PM. A member of staff will contact you about setting up an interview.

NB: If you know you will not have the time to commit to your position, please do not apply.

Also note that all posts made in this thread that aren't applications will be deleted. The discussion thread is located here.

QUOTE(mzkandi @ Jul 19 2007, 02:58 PM) *

The staff would like to conduct interviews with all the applicants. For those of you have already applied, please add in your contact information such as email, IM, etc. If you can't provide these, we can also conduct it via PM. From there one of the members from staff will contact you about setting up an interview. Thanks! _smile.gif
post Jul 18 2007, 12:50 PM
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oooh yeah.

Group: Member
Posts: 1,333
Joined: Feb 2006
Member No: 376,533

Dear cB staff,
Most of you know me, but if you don't, I'm Radhika. Believe it or not, I've been around createBlog for a while, but I've come and gone as needed. I'm applying for a position on People Staff because I feel cB isn't doing too well in the Community Center right now. So instead of complaining and bitching, I want to fix it. Although I don't have 7 PPD, I do have experience under my belt. I was a People Staffer for a brief time in 2006, but I feel that I carried out my duties fairly and effectively while I was there. As a community member, I'm not nasty or mean, but I do get my opinion out effectively. I do have the occasional outburst, but only because I care about this community. I feel I should be hired because I'm experienced and will commit to being fair, just, efficient, and effective as a staff member. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me, and I will reply back as soon as possible. Thank you.

Here is my contact information for interview purposes:
AIM - radicallikewha
E-mail - radhikaeatsraman[at]hotmail[dot]com
post Jul 18 2007, 02:04 PM
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To Zanarkand

Group: Official Designer
Posts: 177
Joined: Jul 2007
Member No: 543,483

CreateBlog Staff,

I would like to apply for a Design staff position on Creatblog.com. I am truly passionate about web design and helping other designers flourish. I have applied and met the criteria needed to become an official designer. I also in a matter of 7 days have racked up close to 200 posts with approximately 19 per day. I always show expression towards others layouts, whether it's a good or bad expression my only intention is to help others grow as web designers. I think I can be a great staff member on the Createblog team because with that position I could help even more people grow in web design with everything I know about it. Thank you for taking your time to read my paragraph, and good luck to everyone else who applies for a staff member position! :D
post Jul 18 2007, 02:53 PM
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define our lives for us.

Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 11,656
Joined: Aug 2004
Member No: 43,293

Hi cB staff. My name's Toby. :D Yeah. I'd like to apply for Design Staff. Well, um, you know, it's not a necessity to be one, but it's just to see if I even have the chance to. Haha. I'd help out more if I was, most likely, throughout the myspace support and stuff. I guess I'm okay with myspace. I see many many topics being made there so I'm sure I can answer at least some, right? :D haha.. okay. I already do help out through the Designer's Cafe somewhat, though I guess I'd feel more motivated to post in the help sections if I was given the responsibility to do so. I make graphics a lot. Crazy hobby. Haha. I know a lot about PS, so yeah, answering questions wont be much of a problem for me when it comes to graphic-related things. I do sometimes already give feedback in the showcase section, though if needed, I can more. Don't know if it's required to though, but sometimes I feel like I'd sound way too bitchy/picky/know-it-allish if I did do that. Yeah. Not something I want to aim for. Haha. Also, I'm on at the weirdest times, and often times I see topics to be moved, so, yeah. Haha. Which is probably one of the main reasons why I'm even here to apply. >_<" I also have knowledge in CSS, HTML, and even basic PHP. Though I'm not so familiar with wordpress, since I use cutenews. I can create myspace layouts. =l Just never have submitted them yet. Well, yep. Haha. Best of luck to everyone. :D

k. really small font might kill your eyes. ]: sorry.

Contact info for interview:
AIM - firefly xrays
e-mail - paperthinsoul@gmail.com
post Jul 18 2007, 03:34 PM
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Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 3,918
Joined: Jun 2007
Member No: 538,522

Greets Staff,

I know I haven't been around the CB forums for very long; but nevertheless I'm applying for the position of Design Staff. I have a lot of experience with web-design, and I've come a long way since I started in August of last year. I am a frequent blogger, submitter and poster both here at Createblog and at my second home, Xanga. I'm honest (if at times blunt)in my opinions, have solid knowledge of all the criteria needed (CSS, HTML etc) and pride myself on my abilities. I have also set up and moderated a forum previously (invisionfree - Grey Havens) so I know all the workings. Personally; I'd love to speed things up a bit in regards to 'submitted layouts' and any issues that arise within the Designers Cafe - which I'm sure I would have no trouble doing; married to the keyboard as I am.

Good luck to all.

S. Majere x
post Jul 18 2007, 05:09 PM
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Senior Member

Group: Member
Posts: 371
Joined: Jun 2007
Member No: 530,773

Hi cB Staff,

My name is Sarah and I am applying for DESIGN STAFF.

I am truly passionate about web design. I have experience in HTML/CSS, Photoshop, MS Paint, and other design programs. I also know a lot about PHP and still learning more about it. I have been designing for almost 3 years now and have improved a lot. I will be taking web design courses at the Art Institute soon in fall. As you have heard that I will be in college, that would never be an effect on being at cB. I post quite often. I have been messaged and asked by a lot of people to create layouts for them and I gladly accepted them. I believe that I would make a great addition to staff. I have been helping and replying to topics in the Myspace Support and other categories under Resource. I also provide feedback under Showcase and the Designer's Cafe. Whether I liked it or not, I give suggestions so I could help other designers to improve.

Thank you for taking the time to read my paragraph.

Best of luck to all applicants. thumbsup.gif


Email: iitanchicii@aol.com
AIM: iitanchicii
post Jul 18 2007, 06:13 PM
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Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 9,573
Joined: Feb 2005
Member No: 99,124

Hi, my name is Alvin and I'm seventeen years old. I'm going to apply for a Design Staff position. I basically live in the resource center, most of my posts are in the Myspace Support and Xanga Support forums. I've been using Adobe Photoshop for over five years now and I'm pretty good with html/css so I could probably help anyone in those areas. I'm okay with PHP and javascript although I don't use them often. I basically live in the resource center, because I love helping people and it actually brings joy to me to know that I've helped someone solve their design problems, so I can say that I do have a passion for helping people. I like giving constructive criticism to help designers make their graphics/layouts better, and I always like to give my honest opinion. I know what it's like to be a moderator, because I've been a moderator on several large forums and I know the hassle and work that is put into being one. I've observed cB moderators before and I know how a moderator is supposed to behave in certain situations. I'm pretty good at finding older topics that can aid me in helping other members. I always try to be nice and courteous and professional when I'm helping someone because you wouldn't want someone that would have a bad attitude when they're helping someone. I can honestly say that I put my heart and soul into trying to help people solve their design problems on this forum. I always try to make sure that I'm giving the person that I'm helping the right code/script or tutorial that they need. I try to do everything to the best of my ability when I'm helping. Sometimes I even go through pages and pages of topics just so I can see if someone else has had the same problem that the person I'm helping is having. Sometimes I even spend thirty minutes trying to find one answer to a question that someone has asked if its a rare question that has never come up before. I want to thank you for reading over my application. _smile.gif

Contact Information:
E-MAIL: alvinward17@gmail.com
AIM: alvinward36
post Jul 18 2007, 07:04 PM
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Hi, Im Brook.

Group: Member
Posts: 1,774
Joined: Mar 2007
Member No: 508,383

Hello cB staff,
My name is Brook and I would like to apply for People Staff. I think thats its very important moreso then ever to bring cB back to where everyone enjoys it and loves to come in, post and be carefree and not have to worry about people bashing eachother, spammers, and people making redicious comments that are no help to anyone. As you can see, im an Offical Member so I have some experience helping people and helping to try to make cB a better place. Im not rude, or mean but sometimes I will have an ocassional outbust every once in a while, just like everyone else. I have 8.4 posts per day and I hope to make it to 10 posts per day, or more, sometime soon. Im on every day and I post in alot of the many forums we have here on cB. I feel you should choose me to be a staff member because im fair, patient, im dedicated to help people, and I would be very effective as a staff member. Thanks so much for reading my
application, I appreciate it.

Best of luck all applicants biggrin.gif

Email: brookrychlik@hotmail.com
post Jul 18 2007, 07:35 PM
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cb's #1 fan! =)

Group: Advisor
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Joined: Nov 2003
Member No: 1

im unstickying this for more exposure. a lot of people skip through the pinned topics. =)
post Jul 18 2007, 07:44 PM
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Hey everyone!

My name is Mike and I would like to apply for Design Staff. I have been active on CreateBlog since May of 2006, I am an Official Designer and currently have 7.4 posts per day. I am very knowledgeable of HTML, CSS, wordpress coding, and some javascript. I also am good at Photoshop, Animation Shop, Elements, MS Paint and more. I will be able to help people learn it because i had a very difficult time learning how to do it, in fact it was after i got in trouble by the staff on here that i decided to learn everything about HTML and CSS. I love to help out people when ever I can and am very patient. My dedication to this site is undeniable, I have submitted more to this site more than almost any user and have already referred 74 people. I have a very distinct and creative style. I also know what people will like and how to deliver it within my designs as well as helping other achieve the result they want. I am applying for this position because i have the experience knowledge and time to do this job correctly and effectively.

Examples of My Work
My Layouts
Ex of My Wordpress Coding
My Graphics

Contact Information
IM - From IVIike
E-mail - Mike@xInfiniti.net

Sorry that was so long XD Thank you for the opportunity,

-Mike (IVIike)

This post has been edited by IVIike: Jul 19 2007, 02:34 PM
post Jul 18 2007, 08:42 PM
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Group: Member
Posts: 1,223
Joined: Nov 2006
Member No: 479,494

my name is cori and i am applying for design staff.

i love createblog and i visit everyday. i currently help people around cb as much as i can. i am an official member right now, which implies that i am already very active and helpful. i have 1,229 posts so far. i have 24 graphics and 2 tutorials, which is also another example of how dedicated i am. i am very responsible and i love helping people. i am very active around the cb community. i am good at html and i can make graphics and layouts. there have been several cases when i have been reading topics in the community and i will see something that needs to be moved, deleted, ect. but i do not have the ability to do anything as of now. you can find several cases where i have posted in topics and implied that it needed to be moved. i usually post in the designer's cafe and help people to the best of my ability. i am still learning a lot about graphics and the such, but i alreay know plenty. i have lots of experience with web design and helping people everywhere. i have tons of people that can tell you what a nice job i do. thanks for considering me.


contact information-
post Jul 19 2007, 12:17 AM
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Oh Wow ...

Group: Official Designer
Posts: 688
Joined: Sep 2006
Member No: 468,522

Hi there! My name is Jen. I am applying for the Design Staff. I have been a member of createblog since September 29 of last year. I am an official member. I understand that I do not meet the requirement of 5 posts per day but I am active in createblog. I took an html & web design class, intro to JAVA, and Graphic Design this year and I am knowledgeable of the html, currently learning more about css I just know the basics. I understand that I haven't submitted any layouts and thats because I currently don't have a myspace so don't really find a reason to do it. I know how to make layouts (not so much for xanga // blogger though). I am a Senior in high school and planning on taking classes in Graphic Design and Web Coding. I have had 69 graphics accepted and planning on submitting more. Well I suppose this enough, I am a good people person also :D. Well have a good day!

sn: littleteecupp
post Jul 19 2007, 08:28 AM
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Group: Member
Posts: 2
Joined: Jun 2007
Member No: 532,119

I can contribute to CB, because im a very dedicated person. Im always checking this site for new scripts, and new stuff. Always tyring to help anybody who asks me for help. Im almost online all the time, so thats I think a good think, because if I approve I'll be almost available for any sort of help.

Im always trying to learn new things, and new programs and stuff. I know HTML quite a bit, and Im always looking for new stuff to learn and keep myself up to date with new things.

Last but not least, I would like to Apply for: People Staff because I'll be able to bring new stuff to CB, like how to do things, mainly on myspace because I don't use Xanga or any other. I know a lot of stuff that deals with myspace and HTML in general.


Contact Information:

1- email: therealrene@gmail.com
2- aim: drummerforgod20
3- Private Message
4- or via MySpace Message: www.myspace.com/el_rene
post Jul 19 2007, 11:09 AM
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1 2 3 4 5 6

Group: Member
Posts: 788
Joined: May 2007
Member No: 522,043

hello there,
Well, my name is Chris. I'm currently a Official Designer, and i sit at about 16 post per day. Joining the createblog staff (design staff) would be such an honor. I know i'm younge, but i know that im very mature. Im confidante, optimistic, and i really enjoy helping others. Im very active here at createblog. I have already broke my 1,000 posts goal, and i joined in May of this year. I'm very creative, and always have a good idea on the tip of my tonge. I have experiance with Myspace, Xanga, and Websites ( i can make layouts for all 3 ). I know HTML, CSS, and i have little knowledge with Wordpress & PHP. As for programs i use, i currently use Photoshop CS2, Imageready, JASC Animation Shop, Paint Shop Pro. I'm very dedicated to everything i do. School, sports, and ofcorse Createblog. Wether i make the createblog staff or not, i will still love it and enjoy logging on to it everyday as much as i do now. The staff as it is is very fair, and kind. Thanks for the oppertunity!

Layouts | Graphics

Contact Info:
AIM: ander x 127

post Jul 19 2007, 01:06 PM
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Group: Official Designer
Posts: 211
Joined: Mar 2007
Member No: 513,566

Hello :D, my name is Janie. I am applying for Design Staff. I love to help people as much as possible and encourage their creativity. I had a hard time learning HTML and Paint Shop Pro, so I think I can be very patient with those learning and help them as best as I can. I am not the best at HTML and layout making, but like I said, I love to help others. I try to give other layout makers constructive criticism, I am not too blunt, but I do get the point across.. lol I want to be apart of making createblog a better site!
post Jul 19 2007, 01:58 PM
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The staff would like to conduct interviews with all the applicants. For those of you have already applied, please add in your contact information such as email, IM, etc. If you can't provide these, we can also conduct it via PM. From there one of the members from staff will contact you about setting up an interview. Thanks! _smile.gif
post Jul 19 2007, 03:34 PM
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Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 2,682
Joined: Jun 2005
Member No: 156,187

Createblog Staff,
I must say that I never thought I'll apply for designer staff, or even a staff member here at Createblog. Yet over the months I've been more active than ever before, giving tips to the new members who started posting layouts here, although I've been a bit mean at the begining, but I've loosen up and faced the fact that createblog has changed. Createblog has been the only community that tops all the others and the fact that it centers around what I love makes it all the better. I won't lie and say that alone I'll will make a huge impact on the commnuity, but with the help of all the other staff members we all can make a difference. It takes team work, and dedication to help those who need it. I recieved that same help in many ways and its gotten me far, I have my very own graphic website and I contributed a large portfolio of graphics and layouts here. As Design staff I hope to help others more so than now, and i hope to learn alot.
- Amanda

Email/AIM- Blaqheartedstar
post Jul 19 2007, 09:36 PM
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Jesska Juice

Group: Member
Posts: 0
Joined: May 2007
Member No: 523,969

Dear cB,
I think I would be good on Designer staff because no matter how many questions I get asked I usually reply that day or the next. I've been working with html and graphic art for going on about 6 years. I love to answer questions and do my best to help others when it comes to graphics and html. I did run a site for premade web templates and I kept it going for a good 2-3 years, but eventually I shut it down do to school work and after school activities. I would really like to work again with people and html work again, but I do not want the stress of being in charge. I merely want to help others, but not with everything left up to me. I was going to apply for Official Designer however I haven't made the minimum requirement for layouts yet. Anyway, I think I would be very helpful and active with Cb.

post Jul 20 2007, 12:27 AM
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Group: Official Member
Posts: 3,183
Joined: Jan 2007
Member No: 495,247

Hey there, my name is Michelle, and I've been around Createblog since October 2006, under other names, and I currently have a 12.4 PPD. I'm applying to be part of cB's People Staff. In order to build a stronger and better online community, we need those who are actually helpful, willing, determined, generous and kind to others. As conceited as it may sound to you, I believe I have that potential. Working with people is one of my strengths. I may hold a lot of strong opinions, but I don't like conflict to get in its way. I enjoy this community a lot, and I'm willing to work harder for it. With these assets, I feel that I can help to build a better cB. The popularity of Createblog has risen our standards - not about the graphics and layouts, but the standards of the people who really have chosen to stay here and be a part of this. Thanks for your consideration.


Email: miiichellley@gmail.com
AIM: miiichellley
post Jul 20 2007, 10:55 AM
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To the current staff of cB,

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I'm applying for the position of people staff. I've been around since August 2004, and was a staff member as people staff in the past from April 2005 - July 2006. I think I'd do well in this position again because I've been here for a long time and have seen cB change and I have some previous experience as a mod. I know I stepped down previously due to activity, but I have been back and my posting amount has significantly increased from what it was. My interest in cB has definitely come back and I find this community very intriguing and I would like to do my part in helping out here. I know in the past I didn't take as much action as I maybe should have but I believe I'll do better with that if I get the position again. I'll probably need a review on modding on the whole, but I know once I picked up everything again, I'd help out a great deal as a part of the staff. In the forums, I try to share my opinions, whatever they may be, without being rude or creating conflict and I think thats another asset to being a staff member. I try my best to helpful to other member and answer questions when I feel I am able to. I'll be committed to being on staff, and try to stay active and contribute as much as I can by being here. Thanks for your time! _smile.gif

My email and MSN is stephinika@hotmail.com
post Jul 20 2007, 12:41 PM
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Naomi loves you. Y'all may call me NaNa

Group: Official Designer
Posts: 2,925
Joined: Jun 2006
Member No: 427,774

Dear Current staff of cb

I was going to wait and apply next time but I decided to apply now. I like to apply to Design Staff. Reasons for, I am very passionate with web and graphic design and I look forward to waking up to get on cb. I skip homework just to get on here so I have the dedication for cb. Cb and my site are my babies and quick to defend them. DON'T MESS WITH MY BABIES. I know HTML and CSS and I good with Myspace and Xanga and Friendster and web site layouts. I cater to mostly website layout but I can help with any on them. I get at least 1 or 2 request a week and I always finish them all and meet all my requestor satisfaction. I love helping people, you may see me in designer cafe once an awhile but that's because they're coming to me. I help people behind the scenes. I work with Paintshop pro (mostly) and Photoshop. I hope you consider me for staff. YOU WON'T be sorry.

If you interested at looking at my stuff.

My website layouts
KissMebeautiful (my website)

Contact me

E-mail- simpson_naomi@yahoo.com
Myspace- http://www.myspace.com/1angel_3
post Jul 21 2007, 12:30 AM
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cB Staff,

I feel I would be an excellent applicant for the position of People Staff. Seeing as I'm well, addicted to a degree, to createblog, I spend an inordinate amount of time in the forums lol. Sometimes I get bored when it's moving slow and try to make some creative posts to get people laughing or responding with silly responses etc. I like to have fun in the forums, but for the most part I recognize when it's starting to go too far and when to stop (be it arguing, getting off-topic, and whatnot). I try to get to know everyone in the forums, and while it may take some time to get to know newcomers, I try to get to know them as well (it being much easier when they pop in cbc :D). With all that, I believe that my seemingly omnipresence (big word!) would make a positive impact on the forums and community as a whole. Thanks :D

aim: hamren330
email: st3ev0@gmail.com
post Jul 21 2007, 12:31 AM
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Hi Staff,

I am Michelle :] and I am applying for the position of People Staff because I think that I have the qualities that you are searching for. First and foremost, I am very active within the community, and that is something that many people have complained about the People Staff lacking; I am passionate about being a good member and contributing more to the community by becoming the position I seek. I will definitely be dedicated to my job; I have been with cB for quite a while now, and I plan on staying with it for much longer. I am creative; I think that I have started many new threads that actually contribute to cB as a community. Although I do not meet the PPD requirement, I believe that I would have made it if I had joined more recently than 3 years ago. (But if you average mine and Steven's, it's still more than 7!) I will impact and improve cB through my more active ways, my fresh personality, and my bounty of creative ideas.

And I rule.

xo Michelle

Email: xx.michelle@gmail.com
AIM: missnonhuman
post Jul 21 2007, 10:04 AM
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i'm maggie =]

Group: Member
Posts: 3,607
Joined: Jan 2006
Member No: 361,616

position wanted- people staff.
name- maggie (voguelove).

hello, staff.
my name is maggie and i would like to apply for people staff. as an active member for 3 years, i know i have what it takes to keep createblog flowing. not only have i learned about leadership from some of my other school activities (section leader for the violas, senior leader in cross country/track and public relations for our state KAY club), i also have the passion and drive that comes with this responsibility.
even though i do not fulfill the requirement of "7 posts per day," i am extrememly close (6.6!!). if that is truly the problem, then hire me and my post count will increase. =]


or you can just pm me. i dont get on aim anymore.
post Jul 21 2007, 03:36 PM
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This bitch better work!

Group: Staff Alumni
Posts: 13,681
Joined: Jul 2004
Member No: 28,095

Frankie [ Ventriloquist ]
People Staff

For those of you that may not know, my name is Frankie. My profile states that I've been a member of createBlog for 3 years, but when you take into account my unactivity after first registering, as well as my most recent hiatus, I've been an avid member of the forums for somewhere around 2 full years. Throughout my stay here, I've seen this place both flourish and even crumble at times. Currently, I feel that hiring new moderators is a very good idea and the reason behind my application is because I know that I can help make a difference not only in the community, but in the website as a whole. As expected, I'm very dedicated when it comes to modding the forums. I'm not afraid to search through pages of results; I'm very familiar with the Community Guidelines and Forum Rules (yes, even the new ones); I love love love helping others out... And although it might annoy others, I'm a stickler for the rules that have been established around here. As many of you may know / remember / have heard about, I was a moderator in the past. I started out as a People and worked my up as Head. During my time on staff, I genuinely feel that I helped out 110%. I gave everything I had into improving cB and I know that i'll do it again once given the chance.

Current Moderators, when considering me for this position, I ask that you do not simply accept me based ONLY on my past. I only want my prior Mod duties to be viewed as work experience and job familiarity; not as a one-way ticket to Backstage. I want a fair promotion, one that only occurs because you all think that
now, RIGHT NOW, I would be a good asset to the team; which i'm promising you I will be.

Thank you all for your time & this opportunity.
My AIM screenname is Frankie was all and the best time to reach me would be weekdays during the morning & afternoon or weekends during the night..

--Frankie _smile.gif

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