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post Aug 8 2010, 09:47 PM
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If you haven't played it yet, go do it now. PLAY IT NIGGAS

a description of minecraft ripped from another site because I'm lazy:
What is Minecraft/What is Minecraft about?

"Minecraft is an open world sandbox building, crafting, mining and farming simulator. Creative mode is a mode which allows players to build with infinite amounts of blocks and without the threat of monsters or the darkness of nightfall. Creative mode is one of the first releases of the game, is free to play, but lacks the added extras from the full game such as; Minecarts, animals, monsters, water physics, lava, tools, weapons, armour and more.

The main minecraft game is all of the above, but instead of infinite blocks, the player must build up a supply of blocks, ores, weapons and tools by mining and crafting, whilst siulataneously building a base for protection from monsters.

Come nightfall monsters will often try to attack the player, and the base, castle or fort the player has built; can help protect them, along with the weapons they've crafted aswell. Players can undertake in huge mining excavations, underwater cities, towering lighthouses, bridges, viaducts, and thousands of different buildings, only limited by their own imagination.

Certain ores used for crafting the best tools, weapons and armour are harder to find than others, and require deep excavation and mining; but with the added threat of monsters and creepy-crawlies lurking down in the core of the earth, finding diamonds, lava, gold or obsidian brings a risk and reward factor to the game." -Benf199105

Why should I buy Minecraft?

Do you like adventure games? Do you like first person games? Do you like horror games? Do you like exploring and discovering new things? Do you like pixel games? Do you like voxels? Do you like dynamic water, lava, spawning, terrain? Do you like zombies? Do you like explosions? Do you like coop games? Do you like games that are dynamically different every time you start a new save? Do you like adventure games? Do you like action games? Do you like simulation games? Do you like games that allow you to be creative? Do you like games that offer crafting? Do you like updates that come out almost every 2 days? Do you like community based developers and games? If so, you will like minecraft.

Here's what you get:
You never have to pay again!
You get all future versions of the game, including all expansions and addons.
You help fund the development of Minecraft
Custom skins in multiplayer
Once you've bought the game, it's yours. No DRM.
Survival mode!

Planned expansions:
Zombie Siege
Build your defenses during the day, fend off the incoming masses during night.
Capture the Flag
Defend your base and flag against the enemy team while trying to steal their flag.
Various custom level mods
Want to import a doom map? How about playing in a random dungeon?
And more!
Minecraft keeps randomly stuttering and freezing, and I can't respawn. How do I fix it?
Open your save's level.dat with NBTedit, and set the player's health to 20, and deathtime to 0.
My workbench isn't making my crafting space bigger?
Deploy the workbench then right click on it.
Where is my minecraft folder?
Windows 7/Vista - C:\Users\computername\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

The AppData folder might be hidden.
Minecraft crashes and I get an error. What do I do?
Have you tried uninstalling/re-installing java? Have you updated java? Have you deleted minecraft.jar and ran the client to re-download it? Try these before you ask in the thread.

If nobody knows, AND ONLY IF NOBODY KNOWS, have you e-mailed Notch?

Minecraft doesn't have all the cool stuff I see in the screenshots, like tools and bacon and creepers!
You need to purchase the game to use these features. Once you have bought the game, head on over to http://minecraft.net/game/ to play! Or alternatively, download the client from http://minecraft.net/download.jsp

What are these creatures and what do they do?

Creepers are the green things with four legs, they simply walk up do you and explode. They drop powder which can be used to make TNT along with sand.

Skeletons are the walking bones you see, and they shoot arrows at you. Just strafe them and land a couple hits with your sword on them. They drop arrows.

Spiders are the bane of every miner's existance. They jump really high and can usually outrun you. They are wide, however, so they have trouble getting through doorways. These drop string so you can make bows.

Zombies are really not much of a threat, but can attack you from above and kill you. They drop feathers for whatever reason which are used to make arrows.

Slime are the smallest mob when in baby form. Baby slimes don't grow in Peaceful mode, but in anything above, they can grow to be 5x5+ big. They're friendly in peaceful, but when above baby form they can attack.

Pigs are friendly creatures which give you meat when you kill them, and if you find a sattle, you can "ride" them.

Sheep are friendly and will drop wool/cloth, which is mostly useless.

Cows drop leather when killed, and leather is used to make armor. They also double as musical instruments.

Chickens drop eggs from time to time, and when killed, they sometimes drop feathers. They are the second smallest mob.

Odd Tips:
+ Gold is just as weak as wood, use diamond instead!
+ Placing sand directly above lava turns it into lava!
+ The simplest way to make your tower monster proof, is to have an under water entrance.
+ Saves can be found in "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\.minecraft
+ To get water to flow how you want, put the spawn so it can only go in one direction/the directions you want, then use blocks to guide the water. You can then delete the blocks (but not the ones around the spawn)
+ Don't have a sword? Use an Axe! Axes are the 2nd strongest weapon against mobs! Order: Strongest - Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Fists - Weakest
+ When fighting spiders, go in a door-sized gap or hole in the wall, if any. Because spiders are fat 2x1x2 creatures, they cannot get through small holes!
+ Sheep, pigs, and cows can get hurt when you try to herd them, but if you want to get them somewhere without hurting them, use snowballs!
+ Snowballs are actually quite useful when fighting enemies around lava, as you can go rapid fire on them and hit them into lava!
+ If you are complaining about a lack of iron, you havn't looked enough. Do down into a deep cave as far as you can with a couple pickaxes, lots of torches, 30 or so logs, 3 pork/bread, and a sword or two. Just go down as far as you can and you'll soon have iron out your ears.
+ There's a certain set distance that diamond is down, so you have to be very close to the bottom of the map to have a chance of finding it!

And the best part is, if you don't want to pay for indev/infdev, you still have creative mode, which is free to play in your browser!

Post your minecraft creations and such here, I did this just today:
post Oct 6 2010, 07:14 PM
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post Dec 8 2010, 11:37 PM
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monster hunter

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minecraft is the shit
post Dec 9 2010, 12:39 AM
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Tried a few times but haven't been able to play it in browser. :saddowns:

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