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It's creating a transparent div block and position/linking it over a desire area.

Posted by anime-essence on Apr 25, 09 11:54 am

lol maybe I will just use someone else's code and remove their images and insert my own. lol. Cus I am lost here. Oh well. Thnx for your help, yo.

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Apr 17, 09 11:02 am

I will get this after reading it twice or so. I also need to find out about image ready. Not sure if even my dad has it, I just never noticed...I think.....?......

Posted by JenniferCecelia on Apr 17, 09 10:59 am

I get very convoluted when I try to explain something simple to me, yet difficult for others to understand. It doesn't make it any easier trying to post something simple yet extremely tedious and over-exaggerated on the internet. I do see a lot of errors but if I didn't try to explain anything at all, think of the many more people who would have still been lost had I not?

Its just a script to create transparent div links and/or if you would like an image to be in the background when you hover over it.

I had images included but they were removed or the bandwidth exceeded, sorry.

Posted by anime-essence on Nov 30, 08 6:56 pm

I like it but the tutorial isn't that well-written.

Posted by emmasawr on Nov 29, 08 7:51 am

RE: Its creating transparent links with a background image when they are hovered...

If you have an overlay image and want a hover effect on a certain part or area and you've created another image that will change the appearance of the spot when its hovered, then this code is just an easy way of combining the two - image and hover spots.

Similarly, this script will do the same however does not provide the image placement codes and in-depth explanantion.

http://www.cr eateblog.com/scripts/script.ph p?id=1799

Posted by anime-essence on Sep 4, 08 5:44 pm

yeahh still confused andi read this over and over

Posted by emmijane on Sep 2, 08 1:38 pm

I found this code useful and not too laborious for a simple faded rollover.
Put this in the style.css sheet

a.myopacity img{
border: none;
padding: 0px;
filter:alpha(opacity=45) ;
-moz-opacity: 0.45;
opacity: 0.45;

a.myopacity:hover img{
border: none;
padding: 0px;
filter:alpha(opacity=100 );
-moz-opacity: 1.0;
opacity: 1.0;

Then on your page insert your images to be faded on rollover and put the myopacity class in their link:

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Posted by mayda on Aug 28, 08 10:29 am

Its creating transparent links with a background image when they are hovered...

Posted by anime-essence on Aug 1, 08 7:21 pm

im usually smart... but you have confused me badly..

Posted by emmijane on Jul 29, 08 7:07 am

"uhm... could you make one code instead of a tutorial lol."

Why is it saying that post is from me?

I know for a fact that I did not post that.

Oh well. I blame Tung.

Posted by butre on Apr 19, 08 12:29 am

OK, bear of little brain here - I don't quite follow this as there is no example and the code as written obviously does not function in itself. Please could we have a full code example or a working demo?

Posted by iaeon on Feb 19, 08 1:58 pm

You're welcome. All of the codes are there ?

Posted by anime-essence on Feb 15, 08 6:14 pm

uhm... could you make one code instead of a tutorial lol.

Posted by butre on Jan 2, 08 1:30 am

there isnt much of a purpose to this tutorial, for me at least.
im sure this is really gonna help somebody though

Posted by butre on Dec 22, 07 2:09 am



Posted by keili on Dec 18, 07 4:12 pm

oh thank you thank you thank you!

Posted by Marlons on Oct 2, 07 1:19 am

I don't have enough time to make image maps; so thanks for tha "fake" one. I've been looking for this code a while!

Posted by bluchicdotnet on Sep 3, 07 10:38 pm

Ummm, where's the sample?

Posted by jozef3d on Jun 8, 07 4:07 pm

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