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absolutely beautiful! i'm using it :]

Posted by sparklingpsychopath on Dec 4, 10 8:06 pm

Thank you for a wonderful layout. Adieu!

Posted by DrearyLuminita on Jun 23, 10 9:03 am

hey this is a great layout(: im using it.

Posted by lagunamistxlayouts on Jun 7, 10 8:35 pm

awesome =D

Posted by freedomtocreate on Mar 6, 10 6:42 pm


Posted by fridaleo on Feb 27, 10 10:37 am

this is beautiful!

Posted by staardust on Jan 2, 10 10:17 am


Posted by winterair on Nov 24, 09 8:44 pm

i should totally say that i like this and im gonna freakin use this! =]

Posted by koobecaf on Sep 28, 09 7:25 pm

love it!!!

Posted by VoodooDollHex on Aug 20, 09 1:27 pm

Besides, recall the myspace has that ugly ad and you wouldn't really be able to see the background picture of the girl since the ad'll be in the way.

Posted by lesliewelcomesyou on Aug 18, 09 8:04 pm

Personally, I don't think this layout would even look good on myspace, this layout has way too much class for myspace. That's most likely why it isn't listed under MYSPACE layouts. ( just a thought, though, just a thought )

Excellent CREATE BLOG layout though, Wrisk81

Posted by xinergy on Aug 14, 09 7:11 pm


Posted by babineau26 on Aug 3, 09 2:42 pm

its nice

Posted by pippet-doll on Jul 26, 09 7:41 pm

Pretty new at this,can it be used for blogger too?

Posted by ButterLingers on Jul 21, 09 10:59 am

using :)

Posted by ley on Jul 20, 09 4:12 pm

nice 8D

Posted by FeedingMyFlame on Jul 14, 09 6:00 pm

how doe do dat i cant make mine

Posted by crankboi904 on Jul 8, 09 1:29 pm

would this layout work on myspace?

Posted by ermsomething on Jul 5, 09 10:17 am

i like it!
very creative!

Posted by ingodwerust on Jul 3, 09 1:18 pm

is there anyways someone can make this myspace friendly? :)

Posted by gushanana on Jul 1, 09 3:45 pm

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