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So much spam on this page (: Anyway, I've run into a host of parsing errors while trying to use this Blogger layout on Blogger. Somebody else having these problems?

By Butterface89 on Oct 25, 2013 5:09 pm

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By bobo2009 on Mar 9, 2013 2:52 am

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By bobo2009 on Mar 9, 2013 2:51 am

Try about ''windows tablet''

By chenliqun on Jul 19, 2011 2:34 am

How do you change the picture at the top?

By ThinkOutLoud on Jul 18, 2011 2:57 pm

I really love this layout, but the comments don't work. The link just takes you to the entry. There's no comment box or the comments that were on my previous entries. Do you know how I can fix it?

By yourstargazing on Jun 24, 2011 12:40 am

how do you enable a comments box? both for the link "click to comment" and in the section "chat"

By indypie5 on Jun 10, 2011 12:24 am

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