checkered images in photoimpression 4

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Click on thumbnailed images to enlarge

First, grab a picture.. for example this:
User posted image
and save it onto your desktop.

Open up the Photo Impression 4
and on the bottom, there are icons for you to pick. PICK THE ONE WITH A POINTER POINTING IN AN ALBUM! (as highlighted in the picture below)
User posted image
from there, find your picture and click on it.
It should show up in your album.
double-click on it AGAIN!! so there will be two as shown below...
User posted image

on any one of them, click on a picture and then click on the EDIT button on the left side.
User posted image

then click on EFFECTS which is one of the edit buttons on the bottom.
User posted image
just on the right side, scroll down until you see the MOSAIC effect
User posted image

on the right, there should be an intensity rating thingie..
move it to the right until the intensity number shows to at least 75.
and it should look like this:
User posted image
MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON APPLY! (on the right hand corner..)

from there,
copy the checkered picture and paste it onto the original picture.

CLICK ON THE LAYERS BUTTON (which is right below the EFFECTS button...)

on layer two.. there is a little transparency scrolling thing on top of the picture. Make it scroll down to about more than half way..
User posted image

you may add a little something to it if you like..
User posted image

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