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Note: This will only work on a song you have not purchased. This can also work on larger MP3 files to decrease their file size.

1. Open up iTunes (duh).

2. In the toolbar, go to Edit -> Preferences.
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3. Click on the tab that says "Advanced" then click on the tab that says "Importing."
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4. In the field that says "Import Using" select "MP3 Encoder."
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5. In the field that says "Setting," select "Custom." When the next screen pops up, pick a bit rate. Keep in mind the smaller the bitrate, the smaller the file size. The quality won't be perfect, but we're not striving for perfection. I chose 96kbs.
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5. Then click "OK" and "OK."

6. Now, in your library, select the song you want, right click on it, and you should see an option that says "Convert Selection to MP3." Select it. It should then start to convert.
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7. After it has converted, right click on the newly copied file (hint: it'll be the one with a play count of "0") and select "Show Song File." Remeber what file it's in for when you go to upload it.
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8. Then go to whatever's your favorite host and upload the file. I recommend [url=]blogupload[/url] or [url=]putfile[/url].

9. After uploading it, use the url given to put it on your site/blog/whatever. Remember to go back to your Preferences to change it back to something higher quality before you import another CD to iTunes or else it'll import in low quality.

Hope this was helpful.

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thank you!

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