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this is for you guys who wondered/asked how i do the hair on my vectors and illustrations
i just recently taught myself how to do this, so im a beginner just like you
its not too glamorous because i did this in a rush...the tutorial actually took longer to do than this did :) so i hope it comes in handy...every one should be able to do it because i made it fool-proof
you must have adobe illustrator, full knowledge of how to use the pen tool, and general knowledge of the program itself

Firstly: you pick a color, in this case i chose pink :D
we'll call the first layer the "base"
User posted image
then make a new layer
and on the new layer, for color, select the gradient, right next to the solid color
User posted image
find the sliders in the image below and click on the black square
then go to the options and select "RGB" color if it isnt already on it
choose a some-what lighter color pink than the base
and when you click on the white square choose and even lighter pink
User posted image
the arrows i drew on the image above ^^ are supposed to tell you where your gradients should be placed, lol
move the lightest shade of pink to the center of the gradient, then hold alt and duplicate the darkest shade of pink, by clicking on the square and dragging it to the other end so it looks like this
User posted image
then you begin to draw, with the pen tool, very slim curves. they kind of look like long fingernail clippings
User posted image
after youve drawn a few, to save doing this over and over again select your new layer with the strands on it and duplicate it by dragging and holding alt till you have a fair few
User posted image
i always find the next step easier to do when i hide the edges
User posted image
once you've done all of this you can begin to shape your hair..use the base as a guidline when using the warp tool
User posted image
and once youre finished you should turn up with some thing that looks like this
User posted image

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i just bouqht illustrator && i dont kno where to beqin wit makin things

like the background for this jpg

do u kno where i can get tutorials from??

qet at me on my myspace

By heba86550 on Nov 2, 2007 4:01 pm

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