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It works like the usual drop down menu only difference is, it's written in PHP.

First step, design the drop down form element using PHP...


# These are the files we intend to target using an array named $dynsource

$dynsource = array(
"Homepage" => "index.html",
"Download" => "download.html",
"Contact" => "contact.php"

# The form design starts here! echo is the same as document.write in javascript

echo "<form action=\"goto.php\" method=\"get\">";
echo "<select name=\"phpnavigation\" class=\"allselint\" size=\"1\">";

# Then, we have the foreach() loop to fetch everything the $dynsource array and list each of them as options of select. Note also, the value of the targeted indexes are assigned as $dynsourceVALUE and the display as $dynsourceKEY.

foreach($dynsource as $dynsourceKEY => $dynsourceVALUE){
echo "<option value=\"$dynsourceVALUE\">$dynsourceKEY</option>";
echo "</select>"
. "<br /><br /><input class=\"allbttint\" type=\"submit\" value=\"read\" />"
. "</form>";

Second, the processor file. Notice in the form, we set the action as "goto.php". So, name the processor file as, "goto.php".


# This is a standard URL fetching method using PHP, the $_REQUEST (assigned with the SELECT NAME "phpnavigation"

$DDget = $_REQUEST["phpnavigation"];

# The fetched URL then assigns the targeted value of the index. You'll notice after submitting the form the URL is written as e.g:

# header() function is standard, and it redirects your page like the normal HTML META tag. Location is the parameter and $DDget is the variable of the fetch variable $_REQUEST

header("Location: $DDget");


Easy no?

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