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Sick of using those default colors for AIM?
Heres a tutorial which will teach you how to make a color that fits you best.
I'll be using a test buddylist that I've created days ago.
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1) You'll need a program that supports HTML color codes.
I'll be using Jasc Animation Shop 3.
There are many other programs out there that also contains HTML Color Codes, like Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paintshop, Paint.NET and etc..

2) I plan on having the grayish-cyan color for my font color, so here we go.
Pick out the color that fits you best, select the color on the color map.

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3) Now that you've got the color you want copy the HTML Color Code.

User posted image

4) Heres the easy part, what you have to do is save your AIM Buddylist. (My AIM >> Save Buddylist...) Save everything that is on your buddylist, you can save it where ever on your computer, as long as you know where it is.

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5) Now you have to load your buddylist (My AIM >> Load Buddylist...), BUT DO NOT OPEN THE FILE. Instead right-click the file and select: Edit.

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6) This is where the coding comes it, but it's really easy. Just replace the default color code you're using with the custom one, of your choice.

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When you're done replacing the code, save it over the previous saved buddylist, (File >> Save As...) but make sure the "saved as type" section is: All Files.

7) You may now load the buddylist (My AIM >> Load Buddylist...), however this time when you want to message someone your font color is going to be the color you chose, enjoy!

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There are other things you can do as well like changing the sound for each message you recieve or change the window background of your messages to a custom color of your choice.

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Thank you, it was very helpful!

By taddred on Dec 22, 2009 3:59 am

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