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this tutorial is for those of you that dont have photoshop, psp, adobe, etc.
credit to this [url=http://www.createblog.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46473]tutorial[/url] for making me do that.. then play around with MS. word and figure out this =]

You dont have to have a text that is straight.. like (Yes.. hand-drawn sun :biggrin:):

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it could be like this:
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* okay.. first get out paint. [u]Start>all programs>accessories>paint.[/u]
make it whatever size you want. so i'm going to make it the banner size as the first picutre up there without the text.

Now feel free to put a picture in, not so huge though.

third, click the select button and select the WHOLE thing
User posted image

After you selected it all, copy it by Pressing CTRL + C and open MS. Word.
[It's in all different places for different computers]

make sure there is no text or anything and press CTRL + V
The picture is now pasted.

Now you type a text under the picture.
My text will be "A perfect & sunny day"

There should be a drawing toolbar down on the bottom that looks like this:
User posted image
and if there isnt, on the top, view>toolbars>drawing and it should appear down on the bottom of the screen.

Highlight your text and click the 3-demensional [sp?] letter A. User posted image

A little window should pop-up entitled "WordArt Gallery." You click whichever style you want, but I prefer the first one or the one UNDER the first one. But whicever you choose is alright :happy:
Click okay when you've choose the right style. [I chose the first one]

Now a little window should be in the middle of the screen entitled "Edit WordArt Text." Your saying that you've highlighted should be in the box, if not, enter it. Now choose the right font, size, and if you want you may italic it, bolden it, or underline it.
Click OK when you are finished.

Now a little mini box titled "WordArt" should be under or somewhere on the screen. if not, View>Toolbars>WordArt

Your text should be whatever style depending on which style of WordArt you chose previously. If you think it's too big, you can resize it by clicking on the phrase, and the dots on the size allow you to re-size it by dragging it in or out.

Click the text and a box should appear around it, referring it is chosen or whatever.

Click the doggie looking thing and then click in front of text.
User posted image

The text should be on top of the image. Move it to wherever you want.

Now, you see a little green dot on the top? If you hover it, the cursor turns into one of those turning buttons. Turn it whichever way you want. Fix it to wherever you want. DO NOT PLAY WITH THE YELLOW SQUARE
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^ See the green dot and all those other stuff?

Now if you did everything correctly, and clicked the green button and turned it and dragged the text wherever correctly, you should have the text tilted or turned or positioned in another way then straight.

You are almost complete! :wink:
Now, if you choose to, you can change the colour of the text and even make it transparent.

At the WordArt Toolbox, which you should have still have opened, click the paint can & paintbrush.

A box should've pop-up entitled "Format WordArt." Well, under fill is the middle part. in which of the 2nd picture on the top, is yellow. under line is the outline, which the 2nd picture on the top is black. Choose whichever colours that you find that suits your picture!
[color=red]To make it transparent, under fill there should be a transparent bar. You can find how strong your transparency needs to be and there goes a transparent phrase![/color]
User posted image

After you are finished, screencap that whole page of Ms. Paint.
To screencap, press Print screen that should be on the top of your keyboard.
Now open something NEW on MS. Paint and press CTRL + V. The whole page should've been pasted down. Now you cut out whatever you need, and edit whatever you need, then save the picture!

and there you have it.

I really hope this tutorial gets accepted because I worked all night on the screenshot and directions. :pinch:

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