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Ok, this effect will be using both Photofiltre and Photoshop, enjoy (= PS: I don't know the correct terms for every tool so please excuse me :P

Step 1: Open up your image in Photofiltre.

I will be using this image of the beautiful Selena Gomez

Step 2: Once your image is open, click once on the black and white icon.

Step 3: Zoom in on the image to make it easier for you to change the color of your subject's eyes.

Step 4: Make sure you have these settings before you do anything else. Have the black square around the arrow first, then click on the circle.

Step 5: Outline the part of the eye you would like to change colors.

Step 6: Select the gradient tool. You can either use the same settings as I used or choose your own color.

Step 7: Click the sharpen tool twice.

Step 8: Repeat steps 5-7 on the other eye.

Step 9: Zoom back out to 100%

Step 10: Click File > Save As (You can also close Photofiltre afterwards if you'd like)

Step 11: Open Photoshop (I tried this effect in both CS3 and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and it worked perfectly in both, and exactly the same result)

Step 12: Open the image you made in Photofiltre.

Step 13: Once open, duplicate the image by pressing CTRL+J on your keyboard.

Step 14: Change the Foreground color. You can use my settings or choose your own.

Step 15: Choose the Gradient tool then select Radial Gradient.

I flipped the second bar so it would be easier for you.

Step 16: Set the mode to either Normal or Multiply (I'll show you both results at the end)

Step 17: Go to your picture and drag the gradient tool across your image.

Step 18: Go to your layers and select Overlay

Step 19: You're done! This is what both of my images came out as (: Hope you enjoyed!


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