How to make scribble Text On photofiltre;D

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>>Make a new image 800x600 [normal]

>>Make your Text Then press enter [:

>>Scribble over your text like this;;

>>Then Select it, Right click it and select Invert Selection

>>Press Delete on your key board or Right click again and click Cut Make sure your Background color is white!

>>Press Esc on your keyboard and there is your scribble.

>>Select the Scribble again and Right click on it, Select Stroke and Fill Make your settings like mine. Click OK

>>Press ESC again to validate it and then use your text tool again. Enter the same text you did before. But instead of clicking ok click Transform Selection

>>Go to Filter>>Stylize>>Drop Shadow then set your settings exactly like mine.

>>Final Product:

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photofiltre studio?
I love it.

By xii3 on Jul 27, 2009 3:09 pm

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