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Glamor Effect and Color Tint.

Photoshop Tutorials · By Harp View profile


easy rainbow photo in 5 steps!

Photoshop Tutorials · By ipodtoxxic View profile

an easy way to get a rainbowed photo!

Avatar With Transparency

All Other Tutorials · By souperstition View profile

Use MS Paint and Giffy to create an avatar

Stylized Color Effect

All Other Tutorials · By [Scr3amin][Horror] View profile

Create an interesting color effect on your photos

Picture in Text

All Other Tutorials · By Bleep View profile

Make words with pictures inside with MS Paint

Drop-Shadow Effect

All Other Tutorials · By heyyfrankie View profile

Use MS Paint to create a shadow on text.

Torn border.

All Other Tutorials · By lovescream View profile

Learn how to add a torn border to ms paint image.

Blending w/ gradients

Photoshop Tutorials · By FreeStickers View profile

learn how to blend using the gradient tool

From Color to Black&White

Photoshop Tutorials · By MiSSxMELON View profile

Two easy ways to change a color image into black and white.

Pulsing heartbeat effect

Photoshop Tutorials · By LOVELY GiGi View profile

11easy steps to awesomeness =0)