Hi! My name is boring, stupid loser! I love exclamation points and being annoying!!! :D!! :D!! :D!! I also like to make really unimportant words stand out! Weeeeeeee! Now children, this is a fine example of why crack is a bad thing!!! Don't cry over spilled milk! because emberfly is sexy!! God you're so stupid O_o.. I'm obviously better than you!!! I wish people would understand my superiority!!! Sometimes I feel all alone !!! If Godzilla faught emberfly, who would win?!?!!! EMBERFLY WOULD !!! duh, stupid ! O_o This layout reminds me of a time when Emberfly said hi to me! Why, you ask? BECAUSE THIS LAYOUT IS SEXY!! duh :) Ok, Well have to go stalk EMBERFLY now!! I hope he acknowledges my existence today !!! That would make my freaky, stalker-ish heart SOAR!!! Ok, well.. BYE!!

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Monday, October 17, 2005

I <3 CB!

Psst, wanna get skinned?! Grab the designs of some of the best people around the blogging community, or contribute your own and get soopa-famous! What's not to love? Join now and see what we're all about!

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