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Welcome! I woke up this morning and just decided it was time to make another layout of this nature. This started out looking a lot different, but it went in this direction and I'm quit happy with it! The simple colors are easy on the eyes and I really like the transitions and layer styles. I was shocked when I was done because, trust me, this isn't what I woke up thinking I was going to make.

Sitely Stuff To Know
- The navigation links are big. if you want to make them small go to the .nav in the CSS file and adjust the PADDING. It should be located at the end of the css line. Make sure you do both lines!

- The premade buttons are up on my site as well, so if you lose them here head over there and grab them. Feel free to edit your name on them and stuff! Just please do not redistribute them.

- The c-box colors are located in the folder. Check the "READ ME" file and you'll find the codes in there as well as a simple repeat of this stuff.

- Keep the credit on the bottom! Those resources need to remain on the layout if you do not expect to get in trouble. They're big sites and they won't like you not crediting them.

Let me know if you're using this! I love seeing my work. And above all, enjoy!

Premade Buttons


This is the about section, just type away about who you are or what this site consists of. The image over there is designed for you to put a photo of yourself up or you can simply leave it just the way it is. It's really up to you! Also when you're editing the image, if you feel like making your own and hosting it somewhere else pay attention to the coding! There is an "ID" set in the coding that makes the image have more style as well as a align set. Your best bet on editing the image is opening it in your own editor editing it and then moving it over ontop of the image in your hosting.





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