Okay I don't know about you but I love love love the coding in this layout. Milo what-his-name is from Heros. But he is also really really hot. So I had to make a layout of him. I don't remember if anyone suggested this or not. I like the lyrics on the layout too. Feel free to alter the headers and maybe some of the colors but nothing more than that. Or I will find you, I hate it when people screw up the layout, don't you?

Feel free to use this layout with one rule in mind, no jocking. Because I would frown upon that, that I would. All you have to do is copy the code down there and tada! Your very own ga-ga premade!

in this gaudy apartment complex

This layout was made by Discoisdead.org with some help here. No Stealing, I'll find you.

Places. People. Things. Go here. Short, little sentences fit best. Your likes and dislikes. Name. Bold some things. Make some other things smaller. But don't go crazy with it. Or then it looks tacky. Don't forget bands. People you like. People you hate. Silly things you do. Adjectives that describe you. So on and so forth.

aim screen name here
best width - 150 px
best height - 250 px

Go here if you don't have a comment box.


Post Frame
Main BG: #000000
Main text: #8D8787
Main date: #4e4d4d
Alt. BG #000000
Alt text: #4e4d4d
Alt. date: #8D8787
Form Frame
Field BGs: #2f2f2f
Button BG: #2f2f2f
Form BG: #000000
Field text: #d3cdd1
Button text: #d3cdd1
Field borders: #000000
Scroll BG: # 000000
Track BG: # 000000
Arrow: # d3cdd1
Border: # 000000
Font: verd
Main: 7pt
Date: 5pt
Form: 7pt
(Under Sample C-Box)
Border: #000000
Link (active): #e5dfe3
Link (normal): #e5dfe3