hero zero on july 7th

That is Rafael Nadal. I scanned in a couple images of him and loved the pictures so much I decided to make a layout. I used mainly a lot of my brushes and what not and I really liked how it all turned out. The orange and white are my favorite ever. So I guess enjoy? And becareful of that sidebar over there when you add a new link put class="nav" in there so it looks all nice like the rest!

Feel free to use this layout with one rule in mind, no jocking. Because I would frown upon that, that I would. All you have to do is copy the code down there and tada! Your very own ga-ga premade!

Hate is a strong word.

I left a message
best width - 365 px
best height - 200 px

Go here if you don't have a comment box.

Post Frame
Main text: #8D8787
Main date: #8D8787

Alt text: #8D8787
Alt. date: #8D8787

Form Frame
Field BGs: #FFFFFF
Button BG: #FFFFFF

Field text: #494949
Button text: #FF814E
Field borders: #FFFFFF

Scroll BG: #FF814E

Arrow: #FFFFFF
Border: #FFFFFF

Font: small fonts
Main: 7 pt Date: 6 pt Form: 7 pt

Border: #D0E8EA
Link (active): #EBC258
Link (normal): #FF642B


Places. People. Things. Go here. Short, little sentences fit best. Your likes and dislikes. Name. Bold some things. Make some other things smaller. But don't go crazy with it. Or then it looks tacky. Don't forget bands. People you like. People you hate. Silly things you do. Adjectives that describe you. So on and so forth.

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