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Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll


Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll


Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll Vidoll


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Vidoll (ヴィドール Vidōru?) is a Japanese rock band signed to the independent label Under Code Productions. The name Vidoll is a play on words. Written phonetically, the name can take on multiple meanings, examples of which can be seen in a monthly editorial by members of the band in Shoxx mangazine called ヴィドールの[美]微doll (Vidoll no Bidoll). V and B are pronounced in the same way in Japanese. The 美 symbol (beauty) is crossed out, with the 微 symbol (delicate, minute, insignificant) replacing it. 人形 (ningyou) means doll or puppet. Just by changing the characters used to write the name, it can mean "Beautiful Doll" (美人形) or "Insignificant Puppet" (微人形). Both themes (and play on words in general) are reflected in lyrics, releases, and tour names. -information from Wikipedia

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