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Hello Wanderer

I hadn't made a design in quite a while so when I saw the render above I knew I had to use it in something. Not normally a pink fan but I'm happy with the way this layout turned out :] This design is tested in both Firefox and Internet Explorer and is compatible with both. Best viewed in a 1024x768 resolution, anything larger might stretch it.

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Created: August 30/08

Want to Know Some Rules?

If you're going to use this layout you are not allowed to remove the credit (stuck it in the main image just in case some of you choose not to follow the rules).

1. Don't alter anything, if you mess up on the coding drop by 99MB and comment on one of my updates or in the chatbox. I'm always willing to help.
2. Redistribution is not allowed under any circumstances.
3. Upload the images to your own host, if I catch you stealing bandwidth it won't be pretty >:|
4. Stealing any graphics and/or coding is forbidden, our visitors know what our layout look like and trust me, you'll be found =]

And as Tuly would say leave us a note in the chatbox, we love seeing our work in action!