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Photofiltre Colourizing

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Learn how to colorize a photo with simple steps,and its NOT plain!YAY!:D

Colorizing on Photofiltre [;

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How to colorize on Photofiltre in 3 steps.

Photofiltre colorizing

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Easy way to have warmer coloring in your picture. for photofiltre studio! :)

cartoon photoshop tutorial

Photoshop Tutorials · By playercaro View profile

lear how to turn a simple image into a cartoon effect image

PhotoFiltre: Icon Colorizing 1

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Like making icons? Know how to make icons, and enjoy using PhotoFiltre? But you don’t know how to colorize your icons? Well read this tutorial to find out one way to colorize your icons.

photofiltre colorizing number four

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The new way of colorizing.

photofiltre colorizing number two

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This tutorial shows a way of colorizing

photofiltre colorizing number one

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Tutorial number one.

Retouching: Hair color

Photoshop Tutorials · By carolannexbh View profile

This tutorial will teach you how to change the color of your hair.

Icon colorizing 3

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yet another colorizing. :P