Cold Faded Color Photo (comments)

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how could you turn the picture to black and white without interfering with the other layer if you have photoshop CS2?

Posted by anonymous2272 on Mar 29, 11 7:25 pm

Love this effect, but how did you get all that text to look like that?

Posted by SordidSonnet on Sep 25, 09 5:29 am

Hm...I have Photoshop Elements 6.0 and really want to do this but I'm having some problems. Help me? D:

Posted by WizardMadds on Jul 23, 09 3:33 pm

which photo shop did you use?

i kinda got stuck while doing this >.> Help?

Posted by TobiUn on Jun 20, 09 3:26 am

o m g. This tutorial was easy, and interesting. It took me like, 10min tops.

Posted by fallinsinner on May 26, 09 7:48 pm


Posted by crdots2786 on Feb 10, 09 12:46 am

hmm. i cant seem to get it.
can you send me an email with more details and photos on how to get this result?

Posted by nguyenjennifer on Jan 31, 09 8:04 pm

its great. but my outcome is a little bit brighter. i guess its becuz of my pix. great tutor. dou (;

Posted by sugaababii on Jan 29, 09 4:19 pm


Posted by turnupthevolume on Jan 16, 09 10:19 pm

This is amazing.
I use it on so many photos and things.
Thanks for the tutorial.

Posted by AznsakuraCF on Jan 14, 09 9:45 pm


Posted by XbreathlessWhispersX on Jan 5, 09 2:11 pm

love it. it looks really nice.

Posted by futura on Dec 24, 08 6:55 pm

love it

Posted by -retired- on Dec 24, 08 11:15 am

cute! i really

Posted by -retired- on Dec 24, 08 7:42 am

reminds me of twilight characters :)
i love it!

Posted by victoriarose on Dec 23, 08 9:13 am

for those that have CS2, i've always used the channel mixer.
select monochrome and edit the setting from there.

Posted by coffeeandacasio on Dec 18, 08 11:24 pm

wow! gorgeous! definitely using for my next graphics!

Posted by mcflylover on Dec 16, 08 11:59 pm

okay, sorry for being a bimbo but i can't seem to find 'black & white' in my adjustments. can anybody help me..? ^^
im using CS2, perhaps you're doing on CS3.. :(

Posted by doodleisLOVE on Dec 16, 08 12:18 pm

That's really nice. :)

Posted by so-sarcastic on Dec 16, 08 7:42 am

this is nice!
added to my favourite~! :D

Posted by doodleisLOVE on Dec 15, 08 3:22 pm

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