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Well, Scene Rocket [Zoe] makes blends/banners, and layouts mostly, and enjoys taking request from people to make designs for they're sites and such. Zoe makes Mibba, MySpace, and a few more type of different styled layouts, and likes designing. Zoe has had three years of designing for sites, and her own. She does it as a hobby, and enjoys haivng comments that mention how much they loved the work she did.

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3. GHD IV Mini Styler: The Mini Styler is perfect for men or those who have short hair. ?Green Ghd The plates are smaller than a normal size flat iron, making it easy to style hair that is short or fine. While it can easily straighten hair, it can also be used to create curls, waves and flips.

GHD is known for their high quality ceramic straighteners. They are designed to last for years and actually come with a 2 year guarantee if they're purchased from certain retail stores. Ghd Wide One of their ideal features is that they all have an auto-sleep mode. In case the user forgets to turn it off, it will turn off automatically after a short period of not being used.

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