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How in the world do I enter a floodfill #, I can not figure it out. Please help...............

Posted by Crystalxoxo73 on Jan 1, 11 6:42 pm

how do you choose the #030622
if corel paintshop only allows you to choose the color
not type in the color??

Posted by georgejetKins on Apr 22, 10 10:07 am

this is EXACTLY wat i've been looking for
for so long :3

Posted by symone610 on Jun 19, 09 8:32 am

great! hahaha thanks

Posted by mkvmoments on Mar 5, 09 1:20 am

This helped so much. I had another way of doing it but this way is so much better. Thnx!

Posted by darealtipwifey1 on Dec 8, 08 12:14 am

awesome! :)

Posted by sunshine07 on Dec 6, 08 6:17 am

I don't get this tutorial. It's not coming out the way it's supposed to be.

Posted by screamingedward on Oct 19, 08 11:35 pm

thankz i have been wanting to know how to do this for a long time

Posted by celle329 on Oct 19, 08 12:15 am

Nice effect and thanks for the tutorial ^^

To Taytay01, all you have to do is use the paint bucket tool to fill the raster layer.

Posted by Stitchx on Sep 8, 08 10:18 am

excuse me i wus just wonderinq because idk how to put a color into a raster layer so if you kuld please make a tutorial that explans how please becasue im just a beqiner at this kinda thinq lolx . but if you do kan you tell me my myspace is iante or e-mail
thank you soo much !

Posted by taytay01 on Aug 15, 08 4:07 pm

i'll probably use it sometime :]

Posted by smileyface on Aug 7, 08 12:00 am


Posted by digitalivory on Aug 6, 08 10:20 pm

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