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PSP Picture tubes are awesome. However, sometimes they're easier to handle as brushes, especially the tubes that are more pictures than effects. So I'm going to show you how to take a picture tube and turn it into a brush.

Open a new image, doesn't matter what size. Just make it big enough to stamp a picture tube in... maybe 400x400?

Choose your picture tube. The tube tool looks like the end of a pen over three blue circles. In the presets toolbar, find whichever tube you plan on converting. I'm using this one:
User posted image

Stamp it once in the middle of your image. Placement is not really important. Then go to Adjust >> Hue and Saturation >> Colorize, and set as follows:
User posted image
It's the same as hitting "greyscale", but this won't reduce color depth.

Now, take your magic wand tool and set the match mode to "RGB value", the tolerance to "0", and no feather. Click anywhere in the white area of the image. It should select the entire white area and not the image.
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Go to Selections >> Invert, and now your tube will be selected. Go to Edit >> Copy, then press Ctrl+V to paste the selection as a new image. You should see this on your screen:
User posted image
(except the white area will be transparent; you'll still see white and grey blocks).

Now this is where you create your brush. Go to File >> Export >> Custom Brush. Name your brush and enter any copyright "stuff" you want to. For example:
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Viola! Hit OK and you're done! Now it's easy to select your brush tip and have at it! You can also use the brush-creating instructions to turn ANYTHING into a brush: text, pictures, whatever. Go crazy!
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And by the way, this tutorial works with all PSP, but the tools will probably be in different places.

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