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Look carefully for specific instructions

Use this code to merge all of your footer links back to one line. This code is only for Myspace 2.0 and MUST go in your CSS box to work.

I also included a code to hide your "Myspace Latino" link. This link isn't needed when it can be accessed from the "Myspace International" link as well. Well when you hide it the divider before still stays showing. So when you have the bottom line merged with the first one the divider blends right in so it all looks like a perfect line. You don't have to remove this link but if you don't then there will be no divider where the merged lines meet. So if you want it to look like it should then I suggest you leave the code alone. Thanks.

I have another code whcih gives your myspace footer a 2.0 kinda look. This code hides the new second line and merges the copyright onto the original line so the entire footer is on one line. Don't worry there's nothing on the second footer of the footer that you aren't allowed to hide. So if you think that script would work better for you then follow this link:

And if you want to simply remove the second line of links in the footer use this:

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this is great, and simple

By BlakeBiscuitFace on Jul 13, 2010 12:15 am

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