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As you can see, I used the Japanese pop band "perfume" as my inspiration. I checked over and over for bugs, until I couldn't find any. But if there is, pleaseee comment me and tell me so! I know this layout looks fab. in firefox. The theme would be a whiteish blue thing. Of course, you cut out this text when you copy it to your profile! If the layout doesn't look right when you copy it to your profile make sure you follow all the steps I left below...


Perfume picture is from
Brushes used from
Brushes used from

how to use

Copy and paste the code into your about me, and fill out all the areas with you personal info. Make sure to get rid of the text (like what i'm writing now) Add pictures, widgets whatever and personalize the layout! Replace all the XXXXXX's on the links with your friend ID. So the link will work for you profile.

Listen Up.

1. Don't edit the HTML, unless you are talented in such. If you do, you will probably screw it up. Sorry.
2. Don't jock or redistribute my layout. I made it, so dont take credit for it!
3. Keep the credit ON!.

contact me

Contact through message on createblog! Go to I will reply asap! Or leave a comment on one of my layouts, I will reply. Ohhh, and I would LOVE if you could leave me some feedback! <333 That's about it! Enjoy. <3


Keep credit on!
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