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...And it's on like Donkey Kong. This layout features the obvious: all of the popular (and now mainstream) 8-bit Nintendo games. This layout has almost more fanservice than the Super Smash Brothers series. But to start this layout off, I had to redraw all of the sprites. So every single sprite you see on the page was drawn by me with references of course. That took such a long time to accomplish though (almost the entire day to mimic the small sprites). So you may wonder, why did I redrew them? Well the answer is simple: enlarging small sprites causes the quality to be extremely low. I wanted every color to be solid, just like an 8-bit video game without any fuzzes. To be honest, there was nothing fun about having to redraw all of the sprites. It was an extremely tedious process with each of the character taking up to half an hour (I had to grid everything perfectly).

______ ______

we get signal

About the design! The layout features references to twelve different Nintendo games. First off, the blocks in which the characters are standing on are based on the Nintendo's COVER version of the Tetris game. The colors are all exact/identical except for the one in the bottom where the Dragon Warrior's slime is sitting on. I am uncertain about that one. Surprisingly, I was able to arrange and connect them so that each character (aside from Mario) is standing on a block with a color that matches them. Hovering over the Duck from Duck Hunt reveals the slick dog who always taunts you. Initially, I plan it so that when you hover over the image, the scrolling stops but Myspace disabled that code. Hover over the duck for the ADD ME button.

Each character on each row of the layout has something in common. I know that I've put WAYY too much thought into this layout, but it's true. The first row has Mario and Donkey Kong. Not only do they take up the most space in terms of size, but they were among the first few 8-bit Nintendo games: Donkey Kong. Basically, they are the bigger 'classics'. The second row features my favorite NES character ever, Mega Man and Samus from Metroid. Their relation is obvious especially when you hover over them. They both have "gun-arms" and will shoot at each other if you hover over them. They are also one of the most iconic classic "shooters" side-scrolling game.

The next row features Link from Zelda and Kirby from Kirby's Adventure. They do not have much in common, but I've noticed they have a huge artillery of weapons. While I was working on redrawing the sprites, I accidentally made it so that Link will pick up the Triforce, and Kirby will pick up the Dream Rod. It just so happens that I made them both pick up an object so it all works out. The reason why I didn't make Kirby swallow an object was because of the fact that I had to draw many more sprites to compose an animation. AND if I were to do that, he'd be the only animated sprite which is unfair.

Game Over

Last but not least, is the row with Slime from Dragon Warriors and the Black Mage from Final Fantasy. They are both RPG games who are now related because of Square-Enix. Dragon Warrior was not created by Square, but the relation is still there as Square and Enix conjoined together. The slime hardens into Metal Slime and the Black Mage gets KO'D. If you're wondering why I chose the Black Mage to represent Final Fantasy instead of the Warrior of Light, it is because the Black Mage is not only cuter but a bigger highlight of the FF world. The slime is obvious--- it's a reoccurring and possible mascot for the Dragon Quest games. There is also a Castlevania reference and it's barely noticeable. The header's "pink thing" is actually one of the flails you can get in Castlevania. When I think of Nintendo, I think of that game too, so I couldn't resist but to recreate the sprite and use it on this layout.

The video player you see above took me about an hour to create. I needed the perfect sized Tetris border, and at the same time, make it so the Tetris blocks fitted perfectly into each other without cutting the blocks off.

The Pong animation above and below was my creation and I KNOW, sometimes the lines do not even hit the ball and yet it bounces and there's no game over. This is beyond my help, but it still works out nicely. If you want a music player, I suggest using the NES controller one offered at Here's what it would look like:

Bold, Italic, Underline, and Strike-Out.

______ ______

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