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My Surrender features Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI (FFIII for U.S. release). However, I chose not to make her background the primary focus so the layout wouldn't be all too "nerdy" or suitable for only gamers. Throughout the game, Terra Branford had questioned about the existence of life and what love was. Although I despise love layouts (much like, I don't like the fluffy concept of it), I gave in and designed this layout to be based on love and the complications of believing it. Perhaps we can care for others but because of the vulnerability of the emotion, one can argue that love is an exposed weakness. A person either remains in denial of the daunting human nature, or surrender to the truth of one's heart. Hence, this layout was named "My surrender."

For this layout, I based it on one of my artwork of Terra Branford. The picture you see to the right of this layout was personally hand-drawn and colored by me. The original version of this artwork is available to the public at You can check the picture by clicking the following link: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ORIGINAL PIECE. The details were reduced as I worked more on the layout, but I had no other choice. I specifically created a texture to match her clothes' pattern and color variation. So aside from the downloaded fonts used for the layout, everything was constructed by scratch. Typically, I like the layout. I do not mean to make it into a masochistic theme (afterall, Terra really isn't masochistic). I just love the art piece because I succeeded in making it seem masochistic but yet somewhat alluring.


You can delete the music player here which features "Gentle" by the pianist, Isaac Shepard. The music cannot be heard in the preview version of this layout.

" You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be,
And I don't want to go home right now."
-Goo Goo Dolls (Iris)

Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike-out...

As a closing, I hope you enjoy the layout. I recommend one to keep the information bar to the right as simplistic as possible with one line of text for information. Please do not alter my design from the layout. Most importantly, do not remove the credits or alter them in any way. Thank you!

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3 Sep 2007 12:01

I <3 CB!
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