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this is your about me.
bold, italic, underline,, big & link.
i like talking about myself and telling everybody what i love ect ect.
you can tell everybody about your myspace mascot, rose.
she's the lovely character who lives on the side there.
in her spare time, she bakes amazing cakes.
he store is called "Rose's Cake Shop", which is generic, and her store is also bright pink.
She has a wonderful table that cost a lot of money,
to buy that table, she had to sell a lot of cakes.
trust me, a lot of cakes.
she's made out of chocolate, and in her world they use cocoa as the currency.
to buy a cake it costs between 80 and 200 cocoa.
its crazy but it's how she makes her living.
i hope you like everything about this layout, and about rose(:
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 its kiera 

 Dr. Everythingwillbealright 


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3 Sep 2007 12:01

I <3 CB!
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