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About me here, and whatever else.. etc. etc. etc. This part expands and makes a scrollbar, so put how ever much content you want. Make sure you edit the XXXXXX's to your own FriendID and the YOURFRIENDURLHERE to your friend's Myspace address.

This layout is based on Poker Face by Lady Gaga, it's a song.. That has been recently stuck in my head all.the.time. So I made a layout for it! :}

Please make sure you keep the "layout made by" image on there, so people know where the layout came from.

Other than that.. Have fun! Any questions, you can email me: oranger0cks at hotmail dot com. Thanks for using!

[Name:] Alicia

[Location:] Michigan

[Age:] 20

[Status:] Married

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 its kiera 

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3 Sep 2007 12:01

I <3 CB!
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