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this has been my layout for the longest time and i really didnt want to change it til i saw that you have more layouts in this format. your style sheet is the best. thanks and keep up the good work!

Posted by brittjade8656 on Nov 17, 09 10:37 pm

I really like this.
And all of your layouts infact!
Brilliant :D

Posted by Decode on Jul 22, 09 9:10 am

great job!

Posted by calilani on Mar 26, 09 2:33 pm

very nice. :)

Posted by Mikeplyts on Feb 8, 09 2:14 pm

Simplistic and gorgeous all at the same time.
I'm using it

Posted by IzzyGrace on Jan 18, 09 5:20 pm

This is really pretty!

Posted by ChristaJean on Jan 16, 09 11:15 am

simple but beautiful...

Posted by JMaisonlilhouse on Dec 3, 08 9:14 pm

It is a very pretty layout and I love what it says....cuz I am going through that right now. I am going to download the song.

But I am prob not going to use it just because my layouts are usually the over the top ones. lol. It is too simple for me. But I think it is soooooo pretty. I wish there is more to it.

I love what it says I love the design on top and everything!

Posted by Sassymama1416 on Dec 3, 08 3:22 pm

this is beautiful

Posted by time1 on Dec 3, 08 3:34 am

very pretty! using :)

Posted by MiiSTY on Nov 27, 08 6:31 pm

Ooh, pretty! Lovely job.

Posted by tokyo-rose on Nov 26, 08 11:36 pm

Your work is fantastic!

Posted by fainaru on Nov 26, 08 9:55 pm

Beautiful. *o*
I love the colors, image, and background mostly.

Posted by so-sarcastic on Nov 26, 08 1:59 am

awesome job

Posted by diputs on Nov 25, 08 11:24 pm

love it =]

Posted by emmasawr on Nov 25, 08 3:26 pm

This is beautiful! I love it!

Posted by dosomethin888 on Nov 25, 08 1:19 pm

I love the banner, theme, CSS, colors, and the style. Very nice! :D

Posted by dreamgurl36 on Nov 25, 08 10:41 am

this shit is amazing, i totally love it!.. awesome!.. is def a fav!

Posted by Mausitax on Nov 25, 08 10:05 am

wow best layout u ever done !!!

Posted by michellekdo on Nov 25, 08 9:15 am

love this layout, its gorgeous :]
good job :D

Posted by skyerawr on Nov 25, 08 8:35 am

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