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how do u put music on here

Posted by una-nina on Oct 31, 08 6:00 pm

it shouldnt stretch it at all unless your screen is really small. or if your resolution is really big

Posted by emmijane on Oct 12, 08 12:34 am

I used this layout and it stretches the page to the right and to the bottom. :/ How do I fix it?

Posted by DaniSAUR on Oct 11, 08 1:41 pm

what do you do with the music player now that myspace has the playlist?

Posted by j.joy08 on Oct 6, 08 5:28 pm

if you dont have a program that lets you choose the size of a new image you make then screen shot the layout and crop it in paint

Posted by emmijane on Oct 6, 08 1:19 pm

I can't get the exact size for picture...help plz

Posted by demetriathe1 on Oct 5, 08 10:04 pm

if you leave my credit sure.

Posted by emmijane on Sep 29, 08 4:39 pm

can i change that quote "i love you" with my own

Posted by MiszDiane on Sep 29, 08 4:32 pm

luvin it! ima try 2 use it now lol =]

Posted by lamorena47 on Sep 28, 08 10:30 pm

So Cute.

Posted by x0x_iMiSSY0U_x0x on Sep 22, 08 9:11 pm

this is cute.

Posted by futura on Sep 22, 08 6:34 pm

cool layout.

Posted by neinernever on Sep 22, 08 5:27 pm

I love this! lol. And its cool you did like a whole series of colors haha

Posted by dilligrout on Sep 22, 08 5:22 pm

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