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about the layout

So this area is tiny, I know! And if you don't like it, then you don't have to use it. And since it's so small, be sure to keep pictures to a small size, not any bigger than 280 pixels in width, otherwise you'll get a horizontal scrollbar.

This layout is called Pretty Ugly and it's my first shot at the popular scrapbook style. The "pretty" refers to the girly colors, theme and embellishments (ribbons, hearts, blush) and the "ugly" refers to the clutter that defines the scrapbook style. There's some smears, torn paper, and random ink blots that also go along with the "ugly" aspect. I hope you guys enjoy this one, I worked very hard on this (I even had to start over a few times!) and I only ask that you respect and follow the terms of use. They are meant to be taken very seriously.

The terms of use are also written in my Designer's Comments.

Terms of Use

1. You must keep credits/watermarks where they are.
2. Don't claim my layouts as your own.
3. Don't take my ideas and just make copies of my layouts. Hey kids, it's called artistic integrity. DON'T plagiarize and find your own style.


The best way to get into contact with me is via PM or my xanga.

about me

Tag: Momo
Age: eighteen
Ethnicity: mixed <3
Interests: illustration, creative writing, music, literature, graphic/web design, cake, shopping, cute things, wonder
Music: D'espairsRay, Plastic Tree, Keane, Radiohead, Gazette, Teriyaki Boys, Tokio Hotel, Utada Hikaru, Kagrra, Coldplay, Super Junior, LM.C, Merry, ART-SCHOOL, Buck-Tick

Normal. Bold. Italics. Strike-through.

This is what a blockquote looks like. Use this to emphasize text.

May 6 Uploaded new layout
May 5 Celebrated Nin's birthday!
May 4 Finished collage and pop-icon self portrait
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3 Sep 2007 12:01

I <3 CB!
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