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awesome layout! great job!

Posted by calilani on Mar 19, 09 1:23 pm

Such a great movie, and an awesome layout!

Posted by LostinaJungle on Mar 4, 08 10:42 pm

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thnks and thkns for the layout i really love it!

Posted by nomers9333 on Feb 23, 08 6:44 pm

Wooww, I love the rollovers. The notebook is a nice way to organize the content :)

Posted by umbreon on Feb 23, 08 4:17 pm

loooove this movie and love the layout

Posted by jazzy0624 on Feb 21, 08 10:32 pm

Woww, this is really good. Great images and rollovers. :D

Posted by tokyo-rose on Feb 20, 08 6:56 pm

i honestly adored this film.

this layout is cool.

nice job.

Posted by Mertosai on Feb 19, 08 10:52 pm

i love this.

Posted by alecreations on Feb 19, 08 9:08 pm

Very nicely put together. Great job.

Posted by MFNahh on Feb 19, 08 8:47 pm

very nice. love the rollovers. not sure about the top left picture. i think it'd look better in different colors. you've improved a lot.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Feb 19, 08 5:58 pm

cool movie. and love the rollovers. [:

Posted by MsD on Feb 19, 08 5:55 pm

Best movie ever. Great layout. :)

Posted by schizo on Feb 19, 08 5:36 pm

yeah imma be real original and say

OMG i love this movie!! x]

lol good job. real nice roll overs

Posted by AbbeyMarie on Feb 19, 08 4:25 pm

Ah! i love this movie. =] and the layout.

Posted by xhotxlayoutsx on Feb 19, 08 3:48 pm

I LOVE this layout :)

this is like my fav. movie ever.

Posted by bubblebuddy88 on Feb 19, 08 2:19 pm

OMG I love this!

Posted by cait8915 on Feb 19, 08 1:41 pm

Ahhh! Love this! The way you used the notebook, and the placement of the images is perfect. Plus, I absolutley loved the movie. :)

Posted by CrotchetTheLeper on Feb 19, 08 12:17 pm

it works fine in firefox :] and i'm on a higher resolution :D so ur ok heh

Posted by michellekdo on Feb 19, 08 11:26 am


Posted by Saikou on Feb 19, 08 10:52 am

:D i love this movie. good job.!

Posted by RossWentz on Feb 19, 08 10:49 am

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