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Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 19, 10 7:25 pm

heyyyy i didnt see this! this is radddd :] extra lovin it

Posted by koobecaf on Apr 30, 09 3:11 am

nice colors

Posted by LissieDoll on Jun 28, 08 7:27 pm

This layout is really nice! I love converse too!

Posted by L3na on Jun 8, 08 3:02 pm

the only things i dislike are the navigation and that paper in the image. other than that, great job. :)

Posted by alecreations on Jan 21, 08 3:46 pm

it looks good in IE. i love the paint brushes and the colors. the zig zags around the shoe, im not liking. the paper doesn't work with the bright, vibrant colors. everything else seems fairly nice. structured well.

Posted by twodreamlovers on Jan 20, 08 7:41 pm

love the colors. navigation could be a little better though

Posted by bangxdisco on Jan 20, 08 7:20 pm

this is absolutely fantastic!

Posted by sagerose2003 on Jan 20, 08 5:11 pm

i love converse

Posted by confessional-luvv on Jan 20, 08 4:18 pm

Ooooooooooh, I like the scribbles around the shoe.
I like this.
The colors are cool.
-Effects of Converse-

Posted by Sw33tT3mptation on Jan 20, 08 3:50 pm

how do u get DIV to work? someone please tell me!!!

Posted by jamzzz on Jan 20, 08 3:40 pm

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