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about the layout

(Hmm.. I might edit this later. But I could use some suggestions first.)

Yeah I know what you're thinking.


Yeah well. I wanted to experiment a little. And I was listening to Armin Van Buuren's "Shivers" while designing this, so if you're wondering where the text is from, it's actually lyrics from that song. Other lyrics used are from Keane's "Atlantic." If you've never listened to "Shivers," I highly recommend that you do. (If you don't feel like searching&downloading it, it's on my profile; look for the mp3 player in the module. Select "Armin Van Buuren - Shivers" from the playlist menu.)

ANYWAY GETTING OFF-TOPIC. I'm sure there's some people who have felt like their world was crashing down after a bad break-up. And they just want to return to when love was simple, when happiness was all you could feel.

Well, this layout is based upon that idea. I wanted a childlish, dreamy feel yet with a subtle sadness beneath it. Also, I wanted to do this tastefully and not just smack some random, sappy images together. Cause I've seen enough of that on createblog, sorry.

So although this is girly and somewhat sappy, I hope you can appreciate it anyway. Add the fact that I spent like 7+ hours on this thing. SO IT BETTER GET SOME LOVE. Haha just kidding. xD

If you're going to add some pictures here, make sure they do not exceed 380px in width. Otherwise, you'll have a nasty horizontal scrollbar.

how to use

Simply copy and paste the codes into About me/I'd like to meet. I would not suggest using this layout unless you have basic understanding of html. ALSO. Keep all credits or I will [insert creative threat here]. Seriously, though. I will eat you like a cheap plastic happy meal toy if you mess with the credits. I have incisors and I'm not afraid to use them!


If you have any questions/concerns about this layout, the best way to contact me is either through pm at createblog OR comment at my xanga. Thanks for using this layout!


Tag: Momo
Age: eighteen
Ethnicity: mixed <3
Interests: illustration, creative writing, music, literature, graphic/web design, cake, shopping, cute things, wonder
Music: D'espairsRay, Plastic Tree, Keane, Radiohead, Gazette, Teriyaki Boys, Tokio Hotel, Utada Hikaru, Kagrra, Coldplay, Super Junior, LM.C, Merry, ART-SCHOOL, Buck-Tick

Normal. Bold. Italics. Strike-through.
December 30 - Uploaded new layout
December 29 - Started new design
December 28 - Went out with friends
Image credits go to Brush credits go to Rockable, Arisubox, Unpretty-Suplada, Papercuts, and Juuichi. Textures from Hybrid-Genesis. Patterns from Unpretty-Suplada and Createblog. Permanent credits go to Momo and Createblog. Don't steal, it will give you hobbit feet.'s Friend Space (Top 7) has 2788 friends.
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3 Sep 2007 12:01

I <3 CB!
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