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you find this code 9/25/21821ab.jpg" align="left" width="100px"; height="76px"; and u see those 100 and 76's already there for you and u see the link that ends with a .jpg erase that whole link and replace it with your pic url

Posted by michellekdo on Feb 3, 09 10:11 pm

Does anyone know a good place to change your picture sizes. For example with this one. TO a 100x76?

Posted by hislilmissy on Feb 3, 09 10:03 pm

very kool

Posted by cdextra on Jul 22, 08 8:05 pm

i love it,
very pretty.
im very pleased with the amount of greys in it :]
good job

Posted by stalkersara on Nov 7, 07 8:30 am

I think the navi's pretty cool. xP C'est belle.

Posted by DelicateLove on Oct 3, 07 9:32 pm

nav could of been better but good layout

Posted by evilenadom on Oct 1, 07 4:59 pm

awesome brush use

Posted by IVIike on Sep 27, 07 9:11 pm

simple but lovely..

Posted by adaytoforget on Sep 27, 07 1:25 am

Very nice.

:) "5 thumbs up"

Posted by AsteriX on Sep 26, 07 9:06 pm

Yeah I'm not a fan of the nav either, but it's nice a nice layout. :D

Posted by schizo on Sep 26, 07 5:19 pm

yeah, i'm not too fond of the navigation, but i love everything else.
good job. (:

Posted by hospitalhorror on Sep 26, 07 4:40 pm

cute, I love the colors. Im not a fan of the nav, but everything else fits together well.

Posted by TaintedSakura on Sep 26, 07 3:31 pm

Very, very nice

Posted by FoxLucky on Sep 26, 07 10:14 am

this is very pretty.

Posted by jesusisthebestthing on Sep 25, 07 11:24 pm

details can be seen still

Posted by Imichelle on Sep 25, 07 11:00 pm

no problem....

Posted by elrene06 on Sep 25, 07 10:08 pm

thanks elrene06 the preview now works!

Posted by michellekdo on Sep 25, 07 10:02 pm

the URL to the background has been deleted or bandwidth was excedeed....

so i suggest you upload the Image again, and then change the URL again so it works.

Posted by elrene06 on Sep 25, 07 9:59 pm

that is so odd.. i checked it earlier and it was working just fine dunno why pooeey and grrr

Posted by michellekdo on Sep 25, 07 9:10 pm

Sorry, but the preview isnt working:(

Posted by Amaranthus on Sep 25, 07 9:03 pm

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