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Look carefully for specific instructions

Sorry, but this is my first layout and I can't move the sidebar, you're going to have to get help from someone else.

Using This Layout

For specific instructions read designer's comments

  • 1. Log into (customize)
  • 2. Set Style System to S2
  • 3. Click on Look and Feel
  • 4. Set Layout to Smooth Sailing
  • 5. Click on Custom Options
  • 6. Click on Custom CSS
  • 7. Copy (ctrl c) and paste (ctrl v) code to Custom CSS

Layout Code

Copy and paste to Custom Style Sheet


Set style to Smooth Sailing

Layout Comments

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Ooohhh, I like this :]

By Takoyaki on Jan 16, 2010 1:39 pm

I really like it but the text in posts gets messed up and out of line. :(

By ArtemisStarr on Aug 28, 2009 1:17 am

I absolutely adore this but the text is all off to the side when I use it. ):

By ribcagemaybes on Jun 8, 2009 7:07 pm

Aw, wow. The graphic used here is amazing.

By aimegracen on Jun 7, 2009 9:42 pm

I'm gonna try this one...

By Nothingness on Mar 29, 2009 3:07 pm

The only problem with this layout is that the words in the entries spill out. D:

It would be perfect without that one little problem.

By Hollywolly on Mar 3, 2009 5:51 pm

Oh..Ater struggling lol, I found a simple way of doing this.

1.Click on the link provided (customize)
2.Set style system to s2, you can find that option on the left of the same page. A blue box containing Theme catagories, and at the end of that box, it should say something like "switch to old style system" Mine was already on s2 so if it's on s1 just switch it.
3. Don't worry about the "Look and feel", because it's not there! Again on the same page, under the second grey bar "Select a new theme" there is a search bar, type in smooth sailing, and select any theme from that.
4. Scroll alll the way to the end of the page and on the bottom right, there's the button "Customize selected theme" and it will take u to a new page.
5. On the new page, under Customize your theme; at the bottom of the blue box on the left will say "custom CSS" click it and it will take u to a new page.
6. Copy the code and paste it where it says "custom syle sheet".
7. Above that box there are two options, just make them all "Yes" Leave the URL box blank.

And ur done~ :)
I hope this helped!!

By xReilax on Feb 20, 2009 7:44 pm

its so pretty

By inactive on Jan 3, 2009 12:41 am

i do not understand D:
where is this "LOOK AND FEEL" button @_@
and theres a lot of smooth sailing layouts D:
which one to I pick...
can someone help me please?

By shebez on Dec 29, 2008 4:33 pm

ah! nvm haha got it thnx!

By CillyPants on Dec 14, 2008 9:07 am
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