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Full Version: Someone worser than Justin Bieber
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Cruel world.
holy f*cking shit people. It's a song for children.

I don't walk into My Little Pony movies and then at the end stand up and scream "BULLSHIT"

Everywhere I look I see this f*cking video. If you aren't a 12 year old girl shit like this was not made, nor marketed, nor meant for you.

And every insult people make up for this chick is going to be just as unfunny and annoying as every joke made about JB/Hanna Montanan/Twilight.
WHOA. Whoa. whoa.
1)She didn't even get cereal.

2)Half the song is her deciding to be in the back or the front,when theres no room in the front obviously.

3)There not even old enough to drive.

4)Notice the poor writing for the video at 0:30 "Gotta catch my bus"--"I SEE MY FRIENDS!"Like wtf!?

5)She says Friday like shes a witch.

6)A random old black dude shows up,who is not even driving with them and going to the same party(At least I hope not).

7) 2:13 Poor grammar.It's not "we",its "We're".

8)Saturday is better.

obvious is obvious but the lyrics could have been a bit better
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