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Full Version: OMG WATCH THIS ITS A RLY GOOD SHOW!! (but the first season sucks)
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Do you guys know any shows like this? I love Buffy, but it's hard to get other people hooked on it just because the first season puts a lot of people off. I've heard the same thing about shows like Dr. Who.

It sucks because most shows with a huge cult following have a pretty bleh first season and at this point, I just can't sit through something that I don't like. And you can't just jump into the second season because although the first season might suck, it's where the groundwork is all set out and such.
I don't know any shows like that really. Since If I don't like the first season I usually will not look into the show more. The only show I can think of that I didn't watch the first season is TrueBlood but only because 2nd season was just starting when I decided I was going to watch it, and I just never made time to go back and watch the first.

I love me some doctor who. Old and new version
People keep telling me The Big Bang Theory gets better after the first season, but I can't bring myself to continue it.

And I'm still in the first season of Buffy, Mel. I'm sorry. That puppet episode scared me way too much.
LOL, skip "Nightmares," it's not really necessary to watch and it's pretty scary (imo). "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" isn't scary and it's a pretty good episode. "Prophecy Girl" (the season 1 finale) is necessary to watch and it's not that scary. That's the episode that convinced me that SMG could actually act.

I mean, after season 1, the rest of the series isn't like spooky scary. Some stuff is weird and creepy, but nothing that's nightmare-inducing like season 1.

I feel like this could apply to Smallville. I personally don't think the first season was horrible, but for some reason I get the feeling everyone always thinks it is. Maybe they're not Superman fans? shrug.gif The show is pretty amazing to me though.
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