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I'm cold as a G,
My bloods frozen,
I'm tryina be the best I can be,
I'm here providin for my Home,
Your hear givin me super shit,
Soon you'll be kissin my fist,
You dont really have a chance with me,
Some get loud, but I don't give a shit,
I speak what's on my mined,
cause I know i'm right,
You think I should move,
You can walk right off,
I'm here to stay,
Y'all Dis is my Life!
The one and only, you can't clone me,
Got a lot of haters and a lot of homies.


My DNA makes me unique and unable to duplicate via cloning. While several people dislike my styling and choices, several others also wildly approve and I consider these people my friends.
QUOTE(RapsterNath @ Jul 17 2010, 01:10 PM) *
I speak what's on my mined,

you what
also pretty sure rap requires rhyme and rhythm.
flick em like slick tickems
and make up words like fick pickems
i myself, green like a jelly duracell machine
I. S. O: pretty hands and a big fat ass (holla!)
and when you see cold steele machine hands hold em close cause real cowboys dont ever last
look for more options
lie to yourself tomorrow is gonna be poppin
be cool like poppin lockin; the ones who dance with ya know there aint no stoppin
and when the fuzz comes all a coppin
pop in this song and take off all yo clothes cause we gonna be fahkin, f*ck IT
when and amidst the loud crowd comes your ticket
run home charlie and don't stop till ya knees kick it
cause the wicked ticket for the gates of wicket come at ya
when the guardian asks ya which way just don't f*ckin pick it

just lick it
apathy is the new black
back to the future lookin like we seen it all
through glass screens and 5 minute phone calls
i'm looking like i cant stand the sight of ya
but it's cause i caught sight of ya
i can't stand until i lose sight of ya
then my brain stems stand on their rear ends
fantasies of happy thoughts for us, may they never end
a man
of men
watch this mumble jumble
each word special like mumbo jumbo
dabble do i do in voodoo
and little concoctions i do brew, a magic beef stew
shrunken heads and a pendant of an ear
the smell of fear and quite possibly this weird ear
strikes fear into the hearts of men; a hex
having fun in here, aren't you
the best way to have fun is to learn to play with yourself
as i lie on my back the halls grow dim
flicker on an off the lights with their own will
pitch black
i still see and somehow i already know "oh no"
a shadow flickers past and comes closer through the walls
i start to sweat and it's all balls to the wall but nah i've already stalled
and it's too late the figure first approaches then looms
i hate this creature so much i dont make eye contact; im all fierce
and as i continue i hope that nobody smells the stench, these fears
QUOTE(saintsaens @ Sep 10 2010, 12:25 AM) *
the best way to have fun is to learn to play with yourself

I'll keep this in mind
QUOTE(saintsaens @ Sep 10 2010, 12:25 AM) *
the best way to have fun is to learn to play with yourself

So very very true.
so you feel a little sad
and the day is a little heavy
it's sunny outside but kinda dim inside...
well that just means you got to get yourself some real nice lighting
from home depot or ikea they've got plenty of choices of artificial lighting
staying bright is a choice often a hard one because the energy source comes from your heart
so get hard ons from simple things like turning that light on and eating 99 cent hot dogs; man shit is mother f*cking ON
im never impressed; im moved
the groove so smooth like booze till ya start this move to disprove, the slow and steady start to snooze
ya lose and ya remove the slow and the snooze
here's hope for ya look for your win
here in remembrance,
the slow and the snooze the has and the been
pissed off cause there's a mile high, mile wide super highway of mines
one mistake and you collide and divide, explode from the inside
with misguided pride i leave it alone, leave it alone
in this combat zone it's cool to preside, in your trench your funny bone, it comes to me feeling like at home
down count on my go
bitch down with that count down
spill and preach to a f*cking ghost town
dead ass dead and stone cold tombstones unbeknown bitch!
lilo and stitch like my ATV -- FLYS INTO THE DITCH --
ladies and gentlemen
Oh wow some comments are funnie as hell rofl.
i'm not drunk but im driving
and now i hear kwest talk about drinkin and driving
then i hear a drake fest talkin bout drink and driving
don't you know that shits stupid as f*ck
with your shit you got young money young bucks
getting throwed not giving one single f*ck
remember if they asked, yeezy taught you
yeezy taught you well
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