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Full Version: Any La Roux Fans?
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I am so excited I just entered the Forever 21 contest to meet & greet La Roux in Chicago! Has anyone else heard about the contest or better yet, has anyone entered? What a cool opportunity to win some cool stuff huh? Does anyone else love La Roux?
I do.

I haven't heard anything but bulletproof.
I really like La Roux. I remember seeing them on that Alexa Chung show that used to be on MTV so I decided to check them out and was kinda ehhh about their album besides the "Bulletproof" song, which has repeat on my iTunes for a while, so currently fave song from them is "I'm Not Your Toy".

Then I saw them live at Coachella and their set pretty much made me a believer haha. They did to a pretty good cover of The Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb" during their set too, so that raised their credibility in my books. As a side note, I met them the day they were performing and they were super nice!
QUOTE(Maccabee @ Jun 23 2010, 01:23 AM) *
I haven't heard anything but bulletproof.

youtube has a few of their other works
ruvv tigerlily and colorz
it would be sooo awesome to see LA ROUX LIVE in concert! lol (her hair)
...i recently also realllly like the sing "in for the kill" ;) check it out when u have time!

so are y'all going to her concert???? i heard tix are sold out so that F21 contest is my only HOPE! omg...
Lmao she's awful.
La Roux's tight, I get the feeling people aren't going to check her out past her single "Bulletproof" though, which is annoying and sad.
Yeah, i wish more people would listen to her other hits. I love all the different remixes that are coming out of Bulletproof. I especially like this Dave Aude one i just started listening to! its a free download too which is sick
la roux's been out for quite awhile. loved her when i was in the UK, but now that everyone in the US has suddenly gone "omg, la roux!" f*ck that shit. her stuff is old.
Shes such an amazing artist!
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