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thanks for giving it a listen
uh. it's okay and i give you kudos for doing this, but why do you have that type of singing stylee?! it gets so boring when i hear like, asian guys having that amateur snotty voice when they sing. i'm not saying yours is like that, but it just reminds me of other people i listen to.

i do give you extra kudos for being too damn sexy.
I just like that beat, So i just gave it a go. but, I'm not going to stick with this beat in the final master mix. This was just a test how it sound because I couldn't find a beat for the lyrics when i wrote it ,so I pick a random beat that I already had on my computer..

sounds like everything else
QUOTE(ButtsexV2 @ May 1 2010, 09:24 PM) *
sounds like everything else

plus isn't that already the same back round music from another song?
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