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Full Version: Anyone a fan of Katharin McPhee?
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So I have to admit that I think Katharine McPhee’s new single “Had It All” is pretty damn good. I honestly didn’t think too much of her when she was on American Idol, but lately she’s been surprising me with here new stuff. I also love her new look. It’s kind of edgy. Any of you know when her new album releases? Has anyone heard any other songs off her album? Would love to get some feedback to see if the album is gonna be any good. You guys should take a look at the video for “Had It All” though if you have a chance.
That last I heard from her I read that they drop her because she wasn't making any hits. I haven't even heard from her since American idol. I think she would be a good model but as a singer I don't think she will go far. I did like some of her songs though..
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