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tiiiiinaaaaah (5:49:40 PM): huge ones = tit f*ck
tiiiiinaaaaah (5:49:42 PM): ;x
arjunacapulong (5:49:50 PM): lol
yukkapop (5:49:53 PM): i love little tits.

tiiiiinaaaaah (7:58:36 PM): no too lazy hahaha
tiiiiinaaaaah (7:59:15 PM): ugh my back hurts
Diana Von Tease (7:59:20 PM): mine too
Diana Von Tease (7:59:25 PM): and my chest
YObeenly (7:59:49 PM): i can massage for yu ;D
Diana Von Tease (8:00:00 PM):
YObeenly (8:00:43 PM): how come cbc is so quiet?
killjoy2damax (8:00:59 PM): cuz you asked to massage diana's chest
killjoy2damax (8:01:02 PM): o.0
tiiiiinaaaaah (8:01:06 PM): lmao
YObeenly (8:01:16 PM): who wouldn't?
killjoy2damax (8:01:19 PM): thats not something you ask
killjoy2damax (8:01:23 PM): you just DO IT!
YObeenly (8:01:29 PM): LOL.
killjoy2damax (8:01:30 PM): (lol)
Diana Von Tease (8:01:36 PM): haha
yukkapop (5:07:01 PM): kun is so skinny :-(
LoveShimmy (5:07:07 PM): lol i know
yukkapop (5:07:19 PM): i want to give him a big bucket of chicken.
yukkapop (5:07:21 PM): LOL
LoveShimmy (5:07:33 PM): HAHAHAHAH XD
LoveShimmy (5:08:38 PM): kun eats a lot, he just burns fat
yukkapop (5:08:55 PM): i eat a lot and gain weight :-(
yukkapop (5:08:56 PM): WTF
yukkapop (5:08:59 PM): MAKES ME SO MAD
yukkapop (5:09:43 PM): i still wanna give him a bucket of chicken. and turn off his superduperawesomefastfatburningsystem.
QUOTE(hypnotique @ Mar 10 2009, 06:32 PM) *
YObeenly (8:00:43 PM): how come cbc is so quiet?
killjoy2damax (8:00:59 PM): cuz you asked to massage diana's chest
killjoy2damax (8:01:02 PM): o.0
tiiiiinaaaaah (8:01:06 PM): lmao
YObeenly (8:01:16 PM): who wouldn't?
killjoy2damax (8:01:19 PM): thats not something you ask
killjoy2damax (8:01:23 PM): you just DO IT!

this is true. if you have to ask, the answer is NO.
ashley get aim.

you'd like our chats wink.gif

&&&&&&:what if i tell you that i'll wait n wanna be with you..

GG prince :(
QUOTE(YukkaPukka @ Mar 11 2009, 09:05 AM) *
ashley get aim.
you'd like our chats wink.gif

Yeah get a AIMsn plz

Thehopelss Vamp (7:55:58 PM): yeah so, you cant be in control all the time
Diana Von Tease (7:58:14 PM): LOL WUT
i'll think about it.
hay smashley (: i have aimmmm :], heh you should im me :D
i don't have aim..... yet.
you doin good shannon. seasonal0.gif approves of this
QUOTE(smash @ Mar 11 2009, 09:15 PM) *
i don't have aim..... yet.

awh, you should (:! it's funn, we can talk about all our fav shows and food. LOL xD
prz ashley? sad.gif PRZ?
LoveShimmy (10:20:43 PM): tina who is alecksi pie?
tiiiiinaaaaah (10:21:02 PM): He is a QT 3.14
LoveShimmy (10:21:07 PM): LOL
tiiiiinaaaaah (10:21:12 PM): LOL

haha, welcome back alex.
(05:17:46 AM) Robert DeNegro: But yeah, about that road trip. While I regret not being able to accompany you, I think it will pay off when it's time for us to cross the Pacific
(05:17:58 AM) fameONE: word, life
(05:18:03 AM) fameONE: that shit is going to be epic
(05:18:14 AM) Robert DeNegro: We should set up shop in Hiroshima
(05:18:21 AM) Robert DeNegro: And call in bomb scares all the time.
(05:18:27 AM) fameONE: ROFL
wtf juna is not 12

arjunacapulong: apparently if a girl asks you for some coffee
arjunacapulong: it means they're asking for sex
arjunacapulong: who knew
arjunacapulong: they're like hey
arjunacapulong: want some coffee
arjunacapulong: and you're like
arjunacapulong: yea I could use some energy I'm kind of sleep
arjunacapulong: *sleepy
arjunacapulong: (like I am right now)
arjunacapulong: and then you're too tired for sex
arjunacapulong: kind of like what happened to me the other day that girl was at my house and we just kind of layed around like lazy lemurs or some ish
yoko the bear: could you date
yoko the bear: a stiff girl
yoko the bear: with no imagination
arjunacapulong: i say no to girls stiffer than my dick
arjunacapulong: *smH*

killjoy2damax (12:34:26 AM): apparently you're the "new cb slut" (I didn't even know there was even an "old cb slut"
killjoy2damax (12:34:32 AM): so here is a gift for you
LoveShimmy (12:34:33 AM): hahaha
killjoy2damax (12:34:35 AM):
LoveShimmy (12:34:35 AM): thanks
killjoy2damax (12:34:43 AM): be kinky on the go
LoveShimmy (12:34:49 AM): oh wowwww
lol, i like the moonlight rays.
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:20:02 PM): I'd do Mike
yukkapop (10:19:45 AM): dang if yo dick is bigger than 5 cm tina will do you.
tiiiiinaaaaah (10:19:53 AM): I never said
tiiiiinaaaaah (10:19:55 AM): I'd do Mike

arjunacapulong: I wish all ugree people could be like Nanny McPhee
yoko the bear: LOL.
arjunacapulong: if you make dem happy they become beautiful again
yoko the bear: juna i'm sad to say that doesn't work irl
yoko the bear: nope nope
arjunacapulong: h8 u reality
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:31:23 AM): ugh
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:31:24 AM): juna and JC
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:31:27 AM): got me listrening to kanYe
LoveShimmy (1:31:34 AM): oh no!
LoveShimmy (1:31:37 AM): not you too!!
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:31:47 AM): LOL
LoveShimmy (1:31:49 AM): lol jkay (;
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:31:58 AM): <3kanye
LoveShimmy (1:31:59 AM): i listen to kanye, i just dont like his personality
tiiiiinaaaaah (1:32:01 AM): just not as much as them
dunkanometry: never tried meatloaf at a restaurant
dunkanometry: but the one my sister makes is good
yoko the bear: damn
yoko the bear: so is your sister single
dunkanometry: naw
dunkanometry: she is married bitch
dunkanometry: 99 cent for 2 and 1/2 stars
dunkanometry: nothankyou
dunkanometry: come again
yoko the bear: hell no
yoko the bear: 99 cent = dollar menu
dunkanometry: LOL
dunkanometry: always about food
dunkanometry: <3 cuz nobody else is ridiculous like that
yoko the bear: LOL
yoko the bear: how is that shit ridiculous
dunkanometry: everytime the issue of money comes up
dunkanometry: AW HELL NAW
dunkanometry: DOLLAR MENU
Tribal J_Rome
arjunacapulong: she said photography
arjunacapulong: "photography" is the next best thing a girl can say if they ain't gonna say my name
arjunacapulong: fasho
i got aim y'all! add me: smashleybobo
Tribal J_Rome
dunkanometry: YEAH
dunkanometry: THAT'S RIGHT
dunkanometry: U MAI BITCH
sakanabot: YES

ric3xboy: alrite
ric3xboy: i got to get to studying
ric3xboy: before i leave though
ric3xboy: i just gotta say
ric3xboy: me and sandy f*cked and busted a nut in her eye
ric3xboy has left the room.
arjunacapulong: "THE_REAL_SHAQIn the ritz carlton wt my agent whoeva touches me gets two tickets tomorro"
arjunacapulong: lol shaq is askin to get molested
yoko the bear: wtf
yoko the bear: LOL
yoko the bear: HAHA
yoko the bear: where is this from
arjunacapulong: twitter
yoko the bear: shaq has twitter?
yoko the bear: damn
yoko the bear: everybody has the tweets
yoko the bear: how come jc don't got one
arjunacapulong: lol
arjunacapulong: JC is just being an alt
H:u no i like you more than friend.. ememeba..

H:why you alway like that..:(

PRINCE:lyke wat.. i no emembaa..

H:dont hurt me..

......... ph34r.gif
xbeJOYfulx (2:47:27 AM): noo
xbeJOYfulx (2:47:29 AM): my parents'll find out
Diana Von Tease (2:47:29 AM): my personal favorites are car accidents. deaths and having the flu
xbeJOYfulx (2:47:43 AM): and i don't want to lie to my parents
Diana Von Tease (2:47:47 AM): true
Diana Von Tease (2:48:12 AM): im sure sandy was like that before she mutated into this poo art loving sex machine

Diana Von Tease (2:50:46 AM): man if i was eating a bitch out and she was texting someone
Diana Von Tease (2:50:51 AM): id pull a chris brown
Diana Von Tease (2:51:02 AM): and throw her out
zio (2:51:10 AM): you eat pusy d?
yoko the bear (2:51:13 AM): lol
Diana Von Tease (2:51:34 AM): lol
Diana Von Tease (2:51:41 AM): is the sky blue?
^lol diana <3
HAHAHA. Oh Diana. laugh.gif
tiiiiinaaaaah (8:51:48 PM): i like sex
tiiiiinaaaaah (8:51:50 PM): and i'm good at it
(03:21:01 PM) fameONE: What's really hood?
(03:21:20 PM) Robert DeNegro: Resident Evil 5, yo
(03:21:48 PM) fameONE: oWord?
(03:21:54 PM) fameONE: it'll probably scare me
(03:22:30 PM) Robert DeNegro: I doubt it.
(03:24:27 PM) fameONE: so you're balls deep in zombie killin' right now?
(03:24:38 PM) Robert DeNegro: African zombies, yeah.
(03:24:52 PM) fameONE: affirmative action?
(03:25:00 PM) Robert DeNegro: Affirmative blacktion.
(03:25:57 PM) fameONE: raff out rowd
(03:59:07 PM) Robert DeNegro: Hey if a guy finds a trap that he makes his girlfriend, is that called a trapper keeper?
(04:00:46 PM) fameONE: HAAHAAAAHAAAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(04:01:06 PM) fameONE: It is now.
(04:01:09 PM) Robert DeNegro: K
the merrcadooo: it's a party in my pants your invited bfp
the merrcadooo: your invited to see the BFP
the merrcadooo: LOLOLOLOL
pokemonicuhh: YOU CAN MEET MINE TOO
the merrcadoo: oh god
pokemonicuhh: OUR BFPs CAN BE BFPs !!!!!
the merrcadooo: mines the bigfriendlypenis, and yours is the big friendly phagina
pokemonicuhh: together its the bigfriendlyphagenis
pokemonicuhh: LOL EW hella ugly
the merrcadooo: LOLOLOOL
the merrcadooo: if ones in another its A WHOLE LOT BETTER HAHAHA

fjsdkahrejkrwa, i miss that ;[
KCdaSnowman (2:35:40 AM): do you believe in god?
**********(2:36:14 AM): fashooo
KCdaSnowman (2:36:19 AM): why did he make me poor
KCdaSnowman (2:36:23 AM): sad.gif
********** (2:36:25 AM): hahaha
hahaha poor kc
ArrowZ (11:15:01 AM): i have it with me
ArrowZ (11:15:02 AM): LOL
tiiiiinaaaaah (11:15:06 AM): scan ittttt
tiiiiinaaaaah (11:15:07 AM): for meeeee
ArrowZ (11:15:15 AM): how the hell do i do tha tLOL
tiiiiinaaaaah (11:15:19 AM): use a scanner?
ArrowZ (11:15:27 AM): wtf is a scanner

@Moni and Mike: Guess whooooo (as if it isn't obvious LOL)

yoko the bear: it's naked
yoko the bear: :o
arjunacapulong: :|
yoko the bear: why that face
arjunacapulong: he has no wood
arjunacapulong: but that's probably for the better
yoko the bear: LOL.
yoko the bear: wtf

arjunacapulong: 2 asian girls @ my house
arjunacapulong: no one else home
yoko the bear: WHOA
arjunacapulong: wat do i do
arjunacapulong: "in China, for every 15 males there was 1 female"
arjunacapulong: sux 4 kevin

yoko the bear: LOL
arjunacapulong: "prostitutes had to be imported from Japan"
pokemonicuhh (7:26:03 PM): jimmy, quick question
pokemonicuhh (7:27:18 PM): WHERE YOU AT n****erFAGGOTTTTTT ?!
ArrowZ (7:47:08 PM): heyy
ArrowZ (7:47:10 PM): IM HERE
ArrowZ (7:47:10 PM): why
pokemonicuhh (7:47:16 PM): HI I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU
ArrowZ (7:47:20 PM): YES?
pokemonicuhh (7:47:25 PM): what's a scanner ?
ArrowZ (7:47:30 PM): IDK LMFAO!
ArrowZ (7:47:35 PM): tina said that to you huh?
ArrowZ (7:48:14 PM): i thought she meant fax
ArrowZ (7:48:15 PM): LOL
ArrowZ (7:48:15 PM): IDK
pokemonicuhh (7:48:23 PM): LOL
ArrowZ (7:48:29 PM): do you knowo what it is?
pokemonicuhh (7:48:36 PM): yes
pokemonicuhh (7:48:40 PM): it's something you use to scan stuff
pokemonicuhh (7:48:41 PM): LOL
ArrowZ (7:48:42 PM): wtf is it lmao
ArrowZ (7:48:43 PM): WELL DUh
ArrowZ (7:48:47 PM): but how does that send things lmao
pokemonicuhh (7:48:56 PM): its connected to your computer
ArrowZ (7:49:05 PM): it is? lmao
pokemonicuhh (7:49:10 PM): yes, LOL
ArrowZ (7:49:19 PM): Where rofl
pokemonicuhh (7:49:25 PM): to your computer
ArrowZ (7:49:43 PM): nothing's connected to my laptop
ArrowZ (7:49:46 PM): you mean the printer? LOl
pokemonicuhh (7:49:49 PM): its just like a printer
pokemonicuhh (7:49:51 PM): no a printer
pokemonicuhh (7:49:54 PM): IS WHERE YOU PRINT STUFF
ArrowZ (7:49:55 PM): i don't have a scanner
pokemonicuhh (7:49:57 PM): a scanner is where you
ArrowZ (7:49:58 PM): LOL
pokemonicuhh (7:49:58 PM): SCAN STUFF
ArrowZ (7:50:00 PM): i dont have onme
pokemonicuhh (7:50:01 PM): if you dont have one
pokemonicuhh (7:50:03 PM): then you dont have one
ArrowZ (7:50:13 PM): wat the hell
ArrowZ (7:50:13 PM): lmao
ArrowZ (7:50:17 PM): ANYWAY
pokemonicuhh (7:50:19 PM): simple as that dummyhead
^ HAHAHAHA. That kid is so clueless. laugh.gif
ric3xboy: i aint gonna lie
ric3xboy: chinese guys
ric3xboy: are pretty ugly
KCdaSnowman (12:16:25 AM): its just so amazing
KCdaSnowman (12:16:28 AM): so amazing
xbeJOYfulx (12:16:30 AM): what is?
KCdaSnowman (12:16:38 AM): that im the reason everybody fired up this evening
xbeJOYfulx (12:16:44 AM): what...?
KCdaSnowman (12:16:59 AM): yeah, but im exhausted barely breathing, holding on to what i believe in
KCdaSnowman (12:17:03 AM): guess what though?
xbeJOYfulx (12:17:14 AM): ?
KCdaSnowman (12:17:26 AM): no matter what you'll never take that from me
KCdaSnowman (12:17:31 AM): my reign is as far as your eyes can see
KCdaSnowman (12:17:33 AM): its amazing
KCdaSnowman (12:17:39 AM): so amazing
xbeJOYfulx (12:17:43 AM): is this a song? haha
KCdaSnowman: i think im done asking for pics
KCdaSnowman: i had high expectations for shannon's sister
KCdaSnowman: ruined my whole night
KCdaSnowman: i don't think imma be sleeping tonight
KCdaSnowman: not without my panda this time

KCdaSnowman: but i love milk dudes
what happened to the chat room?
elletricity: no but really, i'll be doing other stuff tooooo
oojohnlee: doing guys!?!?!
oojohnlee:YOU DIRTY ________
elletricity: wowwwww john
elletricity: -______________-
oojohnlee: gab gab....
oojohnlee: didnt know you did those things
elletricity: john how could you believe that of me
elletricity: i'm hurt
elletricity: really hurt
elletricity: *sarcasm
oojohnlee: fine... not guys
oojohnlee: girls
oojohnlee: LOL
oojohnlee: better?
elletricity: ...
elletricity: i don't swing that way
oojohnlee: haha
oojohnlee: ok
oojohnlee: fine
oojohnlee: cyber
oojohnlee: lol
elletricity: -_______________-
oojohnlee: ok
oojohnlee: fine
oojohnlee: phone
oojohnlee: lol
elletricity: you just keep getting farther and farther off...
oojohnlee: OK ok okok
oojohnlee: video chat
elletricity: maybe we shoulda stuck with the guys
oojohnlee: lol
elletricity: xD
oojohnlee: haha
oojohnlee: texting?
elletricity: .......
oojohnlee: picture messages!
elletricity: -_______________-
elletricity: getting farther off AND stupider
elletricity: what a combo
oojohnlee: hahaha
elletricity: sometimes i wonder why i talk to you
oojohnlee: lol
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