Read the myspace FAQs before asking a question.

Check the myspace scripts before asking for a code.

In order for us to help you to our full potential, you shou fulfill the following guidelines.
  • Topic should be titled to reflect the question you are asking. This means you shouldn't title your topic "Help me" or "Confused" etc. (example: If you are asking about div positioning, title the topic "positioning your div" or "div positioning." We shouldn't have to guess what your topic is about. Also, make it a point to have the subtitle say [music Page] if you are using a music page.
  • Topic should include a screenshot or url AND any coding used. How do you expect anyone to help you if they can't see what you're talking about?
  • Coding must be in codeboxes, if your coding is really long and can potentially stretch the page. Simply put your codes into a codebox.
  • Please check your topic frequently. Your question may have been answered. If you do not respond within two weeks, your topic may be closed by a moderator and moved to the appropriate Resolved Topics forum if they decide that your question has been answered.
  • After your question has reached a solution, please post to acknowledge that your problem has been solved, so a moderator can close the topic and move it to the appropriate Resolved Topics forum.
  • No questions about any type of ad removal. Removing myspace ads are against the myspace TOS.
  • No rants/complaints/questions about why your layout submission to createblog was rejected by a moderator. PM the moderator directly if you have any concerns with their decision.
Other guidelines you may want to follow:
  • Check the Resolved Topics subforum, because your question may have been asked in the past.
  • Check the tutorials and scripts sections of createblog.
  • If you are asking about a particular layout provided by createblog, PM the designer that made it.
  • Be polite. No one will help you if you are being rude.

Please keep in mind, after 2 weeks (14 days) your topic may be closed and moved to the resolved forums. If this does happen to you and you would like your topic reopened and moved back feel free to contact a moderator or feel free to make a new support topic if this does happen as well.