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Madina Lake, Elliot Minor, Escape The Fate, FFTL, Jamison Parker, Relient K and Vampire For Hire???!?!?!
Duchess of Dork
Do you mean bands in general? Or those particular ones you mentioned?

If it's the first, there's already a Favorite Bands topic. ;-)

I don't mind keeping this open until you respond.
I like Relient K. _smile.gif
I've never heard of Vampire for Hire though. The fact that they have "vampire" in their name makes me more inclined to listen to them... XD
Escape the Fate is love.
As well as JamisonParker and FFTL.
I just listened to a few Vampire For Hire songs. I like. thumbsup.gif
fftl is decent

what about kodan armada or something else of the sort

trophy scars?
No ones really heard of Vains of Jenna
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