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Full Version: Have you ever wondered;
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Don't know if this is in the right forum but yea. Have you ever wondered weird things about your favorite celebrities ?

ex; I wonder if Beyonce sings a lot at home so much that everyone in her family tells her to shutup. Cus that's what my fam does.
i wonder how people got famous. like jake gyllenhaal both his parents were in the movie business.
Yeah.. I like to wonder what quirky habits they have. XD.gif Or what minor imperfections they have that we would never notice, simply because they're so god-like to many of us. shrug.gif
I wonder if Justin Timberlakes wakes up with erections every other day.
^ Haha laugh.gif

& Sometimes I wonder like what Beyonce does when she's on her period. Cus it doesn't seem like she has mood swings & Stuff. & She dances and sings a lot and doesn't show any sings of cramps. This goes for a lot of Female Celebrities too.
I just wonder what it's like just to hang out with them, or if/how being famous has changed them, y'know? It'd be awesome to find out if they act just like my friends, or if they're the snobs Hollywood is infamous for.
I always wondered if celebrities buy magazines about average people and spend endless hours criticizing their dressing style and their personal affairs.
I've wondered if actors or actresses can comfortably watch themselves perform, when they go to a premiere of their movie.
Or if they have any fights with their husbands or wives because they had to kiss someone on screen.

I dunno. lol.
I've wondered if they ever get their dresses/suits etc all dirty at after parties or anywhere else because people portray celebrities as clean, neat and pretty people.
I wonder how Daniel Radcliffe would feel if he sees all the different reactions to his... nakedness. XD.gif
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